Change of Plans

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A happy change of plans this morning when we found out that all soccer fields were going to be closed due to yesterday’s rain! I can’t say that everyone enjoyed these news. Especially the boys weren’t too happy about it. They thought it was perfect soccer weather but than again they think any weather is perfect sports weather. I was excited to hear the good news with a latte in my hand that my husband brought back from Starbucks and a whole day ahead. Ahhh, the possibilities…

We ended up in downtown Dallas like most weekends when we don’t have anything else to do. We love going to the DMA ( and visiting the Klyde Warren Park across the street right after. It’s so urban but relaxing and a nice break from our suburban soccer-parent lifestyle.

This was the first time we visited since the baby started walking which was interesting to watch – her little 30″ amongst all these dogs, kids and grown-ups playing Frisbee, football, you name it! She loved it though and went and touched everyone and started babbling with them. So so cute!

Years ago, when my husband and I lived in Dallas (this was before the kids!) we lived in Uptown. We always wished that there would be more action in our neighborhood. There was absolutely nothing going on back than. Just construction here and there. I must say, who ever dreamed up such a vibrant Downtown / Uptown area they did a fantastic job! It is booming in Dallas. I love all the young families. Where were they 9 years ago? The restaurants, shops, town homes, apartment buildings, museums, a trolley … all remind me of Chicago, New York or San Francisco minus the water.  What is so nice about these outings for our family is that EVERYONE enjoys them equally! There is something for everyone. Oh, the food trucks that are park alongside the park are there every single day!! There are books, magazines & board games to check out – for free! The lime green tables & chairs are plentiful. There are ping pong tables, putting green, croquet, dog park,music, children’s park, water park, chess!!!

After a day hanging out at the park we return home relaxed & inspired! Kids watch football with their dad and I get to spend some time in my sewing room.

Here are a couple of pictures from our previous visits. Can’t wait to go back soon! So long Dallas.

photo 4 photo 2 (1)photo 3 photo 1 (1) photo 4 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 2 (2) photo 1 (2)photo 5

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter this park is the perfect outing for my family!



Lavender Sachet, DIY

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I really hope you’ll give these a try. They are so easy! I promise! Let’s get started:

Gather all your supplies: 2 x 5.5 ” pieces of fabric, 2 oz. of organic lavender seeds (I purchased mine on Amazon for $15.99/pound), little spoon to scoop seeds, 8 ” ribbon, sewing machine with matching thread, hand sewing needle and more thread, iron (optional), pinking shears (optional), disappearing ink marker and a piece of paper to make your shape of choice.

  1. Make a heart or any other shape with paper – that’s your pattern! (Mine measured 5” across.)
  2. Trace your shape onto fabric.

photo (87)3. Cut out your shape (front & back).

photo (84)

4. Pin right sides together. TIP: This is where I inserted an 8” ribbon into the heart sandwich. This will later make your loop!

photo 25. Sew around your shape with a very small seam leaving an inch or two opening. Tip: The bigger the opening the easier it is to turn inside out and fill with seeds.

photo (85)6. Trim your shape with pinking shears.

madewithover (8)6. Turn inside out & press seams.

photo (94)

7. Fill the heart with lavender seeds (for mine I used about 2 ounces.) You are almost done!! 🙂

photo (89)8. Slip stitch opening closed.

photo (86)There you have it! Keep, give, trade, or simply admire your handmade sachet!  I made some for Stella’s guests this Sunday, saved some to send overseas as Christmas gifts, and slipped some in the linen drawers to repel moths.

photo (90)

P.S. I  love giving gifts that are hand-made, pretty, useful & in this case even come with a list of benefits. Read about the benefits of lavender here

Happy sewing!

Psssst, we have an official Yasemin Tea Logo coming soon!!

I just got an update from my logo designer, Toni. She promised to have my official logo for the site, the labels, cards etc. etc. done by the end of the month! September that is! That’s about 12 away! 12 days? It’s time to start the ‘new’ 12 days of you know what! … of impatiently waiting that is silly, not Christmas! 🙂

These are the questions she asked me in order to create the perfect look:


1. What’s your preferred deadline, time frame or exact date of completion?

2. Describe your organization. Please name three adjectives you think your organization encompasses.

3. Does your organization currently have a logo or any logos it is affiliated with? If so, will you please provide an image of it.

4. Does your organization have any colors, or do you have a color scheme in mind for this logo?

5. Do you have a tagline or any other specific information, like imagery, you would like to be included in the logo?

6. What is the primary use for this logo? Are there any size specifications?

7. What message would you like this logo to convey to your viewer?

8. Please add any other information you would like to include.

Here is my response: 

  1. By end of August 2013 (ahem! wink wink)
  2. Hand made, fashionable, useful.
  3. No existing logos.
  4. Greens & coral or nautical. Both water & trees are visually appealing to me.
  5. I like seahorses and nautical symbols like anchors, star fish, fish, whales etc.
  6. Will be printed onto labels that will go on handmade zippered pouch and possibly other similar accessories. Also could be sewn into clothing. Will be displayed as banner in shop. Will be used in letter head on invoices. (Oh, and the blog! :-))
  7. Quality, unique, pretty, beautiful.
  8. Below a few examples of the pouches that will be sold on (You can find the temporary shop on under Yasemin Tea (pretty pouches).


I cannot tell you how exciting this process is! I just wished it happened faster! Hurry up Toni!!

Meanwhile I’ll keep filling these pages with interesting content. This is what I am working on today:

Lavender Sachet Tutorial (Martha Stewart inspired):

photo (90)


Wednesday, already? It’s time to take another look at that weekly to-do list and take inventory. Yep, I thought so. Haven’t gotten much checked off my list. But I have a feeling that I’ll be catching up today. Is it because I’ve been up since 3 am? And why do  smoke detectors come on at night? And how come they don’t really detect smoke? Or should they be called ‘alarm clocks’ instead? Or are they made to increase family time? ‘Cause why else did I have the WHOLE FAMILY in my bed this morning when that thing didn’t stop chirping? Chirping? Well, it sounds worse than that of course…

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have smoke detectors installed. I am happy to share some cuddle time with the family but not at 3 am !!!! Especially today with Stella’s doctor’s appointment scheduled. About that… Boy, was she in a bad mood. The doctor and I were chatting away about how we both have the same age kids, how the two older ones are in third grade and Kinder respectively and guess what? They even attend the SAME school!!! But no, Miss Stella didn’t want to be part of this conversation. She just wanted to leave his office asap. Before she even got her shots she would not stop SCREAMING! She must have remembered the last time we were there (shortly after we returned from Germany) and this not-so-friendly nurse came in, gave her her booster Hep shot and was out the door within 2 minutes. Now, our Stella is used to attention. You WILL NOT ignore this one or she will throw a fit. Which she has all the way to the car. That’s why Momma is drinking a cup of regular coffee instead of decaf tea while baby is napping! But at the same time I feel like I am going to get a lot done today. Could it be the caffeine talking? 🙂

Well, also I did some prep work last night. All first year pics are printed. I also swung by Hobby Lobby in the afternoon with the kids to purchase some pretty paper. Now its off to cutting and glueing. I love this part. I will take pics and post them once I figure out size and shape of this baby’s first year banner.



Wish me luck!

A star is born!

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It’s time to bring out the balloons & light a candle! We have yet another birthday girl in the house. Our little Stella turns ONE today!

Rewind 364 days: Impatiently we have been waiting for your entrance into the world. It was way past your due date and my tummy was getting rounder and rounder. You know you are huge when even strangers gasp at the sight of your tummy!

 We had been living in our new home for over 2 months and in Texas for almost 4 months when finally over the weekend the little pokes and aches started getting more intense. Since we planned to have you at home I tried really hard to visualize how this whole thing would go down. We had your brother and sister here and no friends and family nearby to call. What would they be doing? Would they wonder why mommy was moaning and groaning? Would they just watch TV in the other room? Or could it be that maybe just maybe you would decide to come in the middle of the night while the house was quite? And so it was, Sunday night once both big kids settled down for the night (Isaiah had to get up early to go to school!) my labor was in full swing. Your dad & I walked up and down that hallway a hundred times! No joke!! It was a marathon. At about 11:30 pm, I got your daddy to call the midwife. She actually said to call her back when the contractions were LONGER! REALLY??? Not more frequent but longer! Dang it! How can they tell by just talking to you over the phone how imminent it really is? I just started to think that I had to give birth to you without any assistance. I clenched that trusty Iphone with the contraction app and recorded every little thing.

 Finally at about 2 am in the morning our angel midwife Amy (from Allen Birthing Center) arrived. She has the most gently voice and knows just how to assist without intruding. She gave me so much confidence that I could do this. Shortly after Amy arrived you decided it was time for your grand entrance! (I won’t go into the little hiccup we had when daddy fell of the bed trying to record the birth. Hey, on the bright side we got some great pictures and Amy got a good laugh.) And as for your brother & sis? They stayed fast asleep until Seda (of course Seda!), little Miss Inquisitive, woke up about 10 minutes before the head popped out. But as I imagined Disney channel came to the rescue and after watching me for only a few minutes she was off to her once-in a lifetime chance of watching TV at 2:30 am!!!!! Isaiah, the true gentleman, joined us once Stella was all wrapped up in a towel. 🙂 No icky visuals here.

I absolutely love love love remembering the day you were born! I love the feeling of joy & absolute bliss when I held your little warm body. Sharing you with the rest of the family is one of my proudest moments. You have marked your place in our hearts little Stella Elle! We are so happy you are here and now ONE year old! Happy happy birthday my love! And many many more.

Off to a crazy busy week

Oh Mondays, how I love the… So fresh and full of hope for a productive & fun week!

I started off on the right foot (literally!) and worked off half of my loooong list of to-dos until 1 pm. Then I decided I needed to get rid of some of the baby’s bulkier toys and stuff, like this huge play yard. So I packed up my car which took me way longer than it would have had I someone to watch the baby… Well, the plan was to sell them to our local second hand store and get a really great price for these expensive yet short-lived baby gadgets but no such luck. It wasn’t even worth driving over there in this heat (heat? really?) My Accuweather has been announcing rain for weeks now but again – no such luck.

Now I have to go back to plan B and list this stuff on Craigslist. Another thing ADDED to my list instead of taking it off. You can already tell this is when my day took a turn from being productive to eh, not getting anywhere. I almost didn’t make it to the bus stop on time to pick up my kids.

I haven’t even started working on the baby’s birthday banner (it was the first thing on my list!) and the lavender sachets for the guests. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. Now, we are off to swim classes.

photo (13)Go Seda: Swim like a butterfly, sting like a bee!



Sunday morning

I am bracing myself for a very ambitious week ahead. Not only is my baby turning one!! we also have her doctor’s visit schedule (how I DISLIKE those darned shots!).




We are celebrating her first birthday on Sunday. That gives me 5 mornings to sew lavender sachets

from these bargains I scored last week at Ikea:

photo (57)


I will use this organic lavender that I purchased on Amazon for $15.99 per pound. And since I have the Amazon Prime membership (best $79 I spent last year) I got them delivered in 2 days with no shipping cost. Love love love it!


I also have to finish a 0 – 12 months banner of Stella. Kinda dreading this one… Mostly because I never figured out how to take really nice monthly pics of her. The time, especially those first 4 to 5 months, flew by and here I am trying to match photos to months…

The next thing on my to-do list is a matching outfit for both girls from this fabric I purchased at Joann’s 2 weeks ago when they had their huge sale of red tag fabrics. I just love how it’s not typically girly but that simple pink paper sailboat is just so sweet.

Meanwhile I finally would like to finish re-purposing this red t-shirt that my big girl like so much but it’s too tall for into a dress adding this denim with the cute little crap embroidery.


Of course, there is a lot of grocery shopping for the food on the list and by the way, I haven’t even thought about THE CAKE! What I have is a bunch of decorations partly from Seda’s birthday party last week and party new stuff.

I just hope that everyone stays healthy and the baby naps her long morning naps so that I can finish these projects and ENJOY them too! I’ll let you know.

So long,



Gotta get started. Shutterfly here I come!

Saturday mornings

Saturday is game day in our house. Soccer that is! But on TV my boys are watching football. Sorry guys, I can imagine doing so many other things with my time. Of course, soccer games are family affairs. But the whole fantasy football thing and the endless TV watching September through almost February!!! Not my cup of tea.

photo (53)


There she goes my soccer player. Real athletes wear hot pink! Second game of the season and another WIN for Team Mosby!! I gotta say, she has improved so much in one year. Last year towards the last quarter of the game I could see her energy levels going down down down. Today I overheard her asking the coach to please go back in! Really? My little girl prefers to play in the heat!! instead of chatting with her girl friends in this amazing shade that one of  the moms brought!

photo (55)

(It’s nice to have someone else think of something for a change!) 

Final score: 15:0! Now that’s a reason to smile!

Copenhagen, Summer 2013

We took the train to Copenhagen in 2013:

Since my family lives in the north of Germany Copenhagen seemed a hop & skip away so that settled that question. Copenhagen it was. We could have rented a car and driven there in 3 to 5 hours (summer weekend traffic is no joke!). That car ride would have including an hour ferry ride as well. But we opted for option two: Deutsche Bahn! Eco friendly and more relaxed than following a map into a city we have never visited and with 3 kids in tow we thought that taking the hi-speed, ultra modern train was just what we needed on this adventure. My husband booked us an apartment (Copenhagen hotel rooms would have been tiny for our large family & not cheap either in peak summer season) using airbnb. He got it all arrange via email from the US so that once we purchased our train tickets and packed a couple of bags we were on our way.

The train ride was pretty smooth although I have to say a little too crowded. Not everyone reserves a seat on these trains (which costs a little extra) and not everyone respects that others (read: us!) paid extra for our reserved seats and vacate those. Which is exactly what happened to us. We had reserved 5 seats but only had access to 3. This woman with a cast and a preschool age child had taken the liberty to sit & stay in our seat … Oh well. How can you say no to a woman with a cast?!


What we didn’t know on this trip was the part when the train gets put on a ferry which is several stories high and can hold hundreds of people, cars, trucks and our multiple car train. The part that was unexpected was that we all had to climb steep stairs to the top of the ferry while we crossed this sea from Germany to Denmark’s shores. That was a little bit of a hike with all three children and our valuables. Once upstairs though there were several restaurants, a cafe, a duty free shop and children’s play areas! This really was an adventure I have to say. Kids loved every single minute of it. The weather was perfect and it was nice to have my hubby with us even jet-lagged!


We arrived in Copenhagen central station around 6 pm. We had the option of taking a cap all the way out to the suburb of Charlottenlund or boarding another local train to the main station of the town we booked our apartment in. We decided to stay true to our believe of using as much public transport when in a new place as possible and ask random locals for help with the self serve ticket machine. I only found out on our last day that you could preselect the language ‘English’ on all machines. Ooops! Actually I enjoy having to learn the most basic words while traveling to another country the most. Also the different currency and converting it to US $ in our heads was fun for the whole family. My son became a pro at it. We had this little cheat sheet… I love that part.


So finally we arrived at our apartment which was nestled in the cutest residential area of the quaintest Danish town by the Baltic Sea.

photo 2 (1)



The owner greeted us and walked us through some technicalities which keys and locks and how to use the internet! She was so easy going and relaxed. I couldn’t believe she would rent her gorgeous family vacation home to us – strangers from the US! She was super sweet and had already prepared some local maps for us and walked me through some dinner options in walking distance. The sweetest thing was also that she had stacked the fridge with some essential groceries that would cover us just in case we didn’t feel like leaving this adorable place. She had the most delicious Mariage Freres tea that we were allowed to use and anything else in the kitchen for that matter – expect for: HER PRICED WINES! She made a point to tell my husband and later me as well about not drinking her wine. Well, little did she know that my name is actually Yasemin TEA. And I mean tea when I say it! Boy, she should have better hidden that tea. ‘Cause there was none left when we left :-). Hehehe. She inspired me so much though with her overall design of the apartment and her taste level. So darned Nordic – fresh but still cozy and home-y. I want to be able to do that. In fact, I have an inspiration board just based on her place


IMG_9575  photo 3photo 2photo 1

Anyway, so that evening although we got in pretty late, everyone was getting tired we still got out and explored our immediate neighborhood on foot. We ended up at this pretty organic & healthy looking place and had a very yummy dinner.


I think we have NEVER slept that soundly as a family EVER! Everyone was tucked in bed (covered in floral print quilts! so shabby chic) and dozed off into the clear Danish night.

The next day – without exaggeration – we walked a marathon in and around the beautiful city of Copenhagen. The weather was at its best. Not too hot, no cloud in the sky, clean, fresh air and so much to see! We started somewhere and ended up the evening at the little mermaid!

 photo 5 (5) photo 3 (1)

Neither kid complained about being tired! Not once.

photo 4 (6)photo 3 (5)

We walked, walked and walked some more witch only quick stops at the ONLY Lego store in Scandinavia and the absolutely word famous Royal Copenhagen cafe for a (little) shopping and some tea! Tea! Tea! Tea! from this fancy china. I could have pinched myself. I truly felt like I was dreaming!

photo 5 IMG_9619

Oh and by the way, we happened to have this friend who lives just ‘next door’ in Malmö, Sweden. We emailed him on short notice and told him about our plans to come to Copenhagen. He happened to be in town (he now works in Doha, Qatar) training athletes and met us for lunch the same weekend. This is Europe for you. One day you are in Germany the next day you are in Denmark & Sweden talking to your friend who is Polish and works in Doha while eating at an Italian restaurant in downtown Malmö! Ahhhh! Europe! I miss you so much!

IMG_9599 IMG_9600

While in Copenhagen we didn’t do what we’d usually do in a European capital – shop! Well, we didn’t shop much. We bought a couple of t-shirts, of course TEA at Royal Copenhagen, Legos at the famous Lego store, a couple of post cards & flags and that was about it. Just being there and soaking it all in was ENOUGH! Giving our kids this experience was ENOUGH!

IMG_9622 photo 1 (5)

Ahhhh Copenhagen! You are beautiful! You are a dream come true. The colors, the sights … I love every bit of you. We are planning on returning very soon!


 See you very soon! (Se dig meget snart!) 🙂

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