Sweet, sweet September

Sweet as sweet can be the month of September! With all three children’s birthdays back to back… Lots of presents, lots of celebrating, friends over, sleep-overs … and then a much needed three week fall break at the end of a birthday marathon! Yes, 3 weeks off this year instead of the common 2! One week to recover from each birthday celebration! 🙂

As if kid’s birthdays weren’t already a big deal there is the usual back-to-school craziness with its pta meetings and school assignments topped of by our jog-a-thon fundraiser that takes place every two years.

Somehow we lived through it all ended up with great birthday memories to cherish for many years to come. It is so sweet to have a dozen 6-year-old, two dozen preteens and finally another dozen teenaged boys all be part of our already colorful and joyful life. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be the host and the creative mind behind these three celebrations each September.

What a treat this October was for us. Plenty of sunshine, extra time at the beach and as if that wasn’t enough a trip to the Cote d’Azur!

September, sweet sweet September – you will always have a very special place in my heart!



The shelves are filling up!

Finally! The studio is fully set up! The materials have been delivered. The patterns are cut. And dozens of pieces have been sewn!!! Just in time for a well deserved break for Easter. Pouches have taken over! Little square zippered pouches, medium sized rectangular ones, large ones for your favorite tablet… Whatever your desire – there is a zippered pouch for it!

I am looking forward to some time off with the kids. Not sure where we will end up. The last spring breaks it took us South. The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France … What will it be this year? I am tending towards Holland again but also the North Sea and it’s beautiful islands have a certain attraction… No matter where we’ll end up there’ll sure to be some fabric shopping and overall inspiration gathering for my brand-new shop.

Only three more days of school!

Happy spring everyone!



2018 & our new addittion

A new year means new resolutions, new beginning and another chance to make something – anything – happen. For me it meant taking my blog and my sewing skills and putting it to good news not only as gifts anymore but also possibly a chance to ‘fund’ my sewing hobby and all of the fabric purchases. I’ve had many opportunities to sew for others in 2017. I’ve donated loads of pouches to my kid’s school fundraiser this past Christmas.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to do so because the thousands of dollars of proceeds not only helped my two kid’s classroom (field trip) funds but 50% of all proceeds were donated to a local homeless shelter. I feel that I really put my god given talent to good use here and also in the same breath could volunteer in my kid’s classrooms. Over the holidays while soaking in the Balearic winter sun I had a moment when I thought that I’d like to continue to make and SELL things – why not! It really gives me a sense of accomplishment as well as helps me get things paid for that I feel passionate about. My family as well as charity!  If I can share the joy of handmade items with others in the form of inspiring them to sew or craft themselves or simply purchase a unique piece make by hand and with love by someone else I think that’s a win-win! So here it is! My first blog post on my shop site announcing exactly that: The founding of my shop: Yasemin Tea Studio!

Welcome! Glad you came.

Happy shopping,

Yasemin T.