Never stop moving & the countdown begins!


We decided that our family motto was: Never stop moving! (Read about our biggest upcoming move here.) It is true. We have been on the move. It hasn’t even been two years since we left our beloved Southern California and again we have started packing up our belongings. It’s time to put all that planning of the last months into action. We’ve been selling bits and pieces of furniture, cleaning out our closets, and clearing out one room of the house at a time. I have even gotten into my sewing room and SOLD some fabric & other crafting supplies and have given away some, too. This purging feels good. It is refreshing. A perfect new start. Time to have a real hard look at all that we have accumulated and hopefully be more thoughtful before we purchase any new things.

So far, I think we will end up having to store 20 small moving boxes. These boxes are filled with our family memories, photos, video tapes, kid’s baby books, school work, journals, trophies, and other emotional items that we cannot part with. Two of those boxes hold my favorite sewing books and other sewing related items. And then there are winter clothes that we won’t need in Germany – immediately. Although sometimes June can be pretty cold 🙁 and wet, too!


With the stacks of boxes filling the kids are understanding that this is REALLY happening. I caught my sweet Seda scribbling ‘I Love Germany’ on the side walk yesterday. It made me happy to know that she is just as excited as I was. It also inspired me to start a countdown today using this cute chalkboard I bought at Michael’s. So starting today, we are going to count down to June 10th – our moving day!



We are going to do our best to enjoy the next 30 that we will be here in the US.

Ready? Let the countdown begin!





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