Love is in the air

Today’s a pretty good day to sit back and reflect on love. I love:

  • Having Valentine’s Day fall on a Friday.


  • Having a three-day weekend! Thanks American presidents!!
  • The warmest day of the year fall on Valentine’s day – a breezy 70 degrees and more to come! And then it’s a full moon too!


  • Two classrooms full of excited faces at my kids school Friday morning.
  • My son’s classmates letting me know how much they liked their little stuffed felt hearts.


  • My kindergartners’ teacher sending me this picture:

val 6

So precious to see those little faces all dressed in Yasemin Tea skirts.

  • Chocolate!
  • Roses!
  • A husband to share a cup of tea with!


  • Watching my kids play Just Dance on the Xbox.


  • Playing at the park.
  • Watching my son play basketball!


  • Teaching children how to sew!

 photo 2

11-year old Katy learning the ropes of her brand new Singer. Today we only had time for the basics. Next time I’d like her to go home with a signature Yasemin Tea skirt :-). 

  • Making things! Latest project:


A quilt for my Stella. I am so excited to see this one come together one triangle at a time! 

Hope you are having a wonderful extended Valentine’s-day-weekend!



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