Balloons, basketball & a birthday

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It’s weekend y’all! Yesterday we started the weekend off right with hundred of colorful balloons! My kids’ school does an annual 100th day of school celebration by releasing hundreds of colorful balloons with little tags attached into the grey winter sky.

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Apparently last year’s balloon that travelled the furthest made it to the Bahamas! That’s where I’d like to be now. I am kinda over this winter weather. I feel like a big hibernating mother bear all cooped up in the house for weeks now! ย  But to Friday’s celebration: around 1:30 pm the kids all lined up by grade outside on the front parking lot. They sure enjoyed getting out even if only for 5 minutes or so… all week long they didn’t get to go outsid. Once everyone had taken their place the teachers got them to count from 10 and (almost) all released their balloon at the same time. Some kids let theirs go just as soon as they stepped outside (hihi) and a few refused to let their precious balloons go at all! ๐Ÿ™‚ย photo 3-3

This wasn’t the only celebration of the day. Of course, there was the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night! We are HUGE Olympic fans around here. We love seeing all the different countries walk up, what they wear, how large each countries population is and of course how many athletes each country has participating!! It’s all so exciting. Did you know that Norway has the most winter Olympic metals ever? My nine-year old has actually witnessed and vividly remembers the summer Olympics in London and in Beijing! I can’t believe how old he is getting!! ย ๐Ÿ™‚ It won’t be long before he gets his chance to show the world what an athlete he is. But until then there is a whole lot of dedication and commitment that we all have to put in. ย And a few hundred loads of laundry to be done by me! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are up for it and are looking forward to it… like today, we are not just playing one but TWO basketball games! Bright and early at 8 am and another one at 8:30 pm! A long day for sure – for everyone! But we are almost at the end of season as well. One more game after tonight and he’ll be playing in his first basketball tournament! So so excited for him!


As for my daughter: she has been so supportive just watching her brother in all his winter sports these last couple of months. Her soccer season doesn’t start until mid March. So I decided to inquire about a dance class for her during the week. Again, this winter has been unusually long and kept all of us pretty much on our bottoms. It’s time to get into spring shape and get moving … after all, it’s only a few more months before this overseas move becomes reality. But more about that another time… And talking about my daughter, socially she’s been a busy bee and is invited to yet another fun birthday party tomorrow. Good reason for this mom to get to sewing. For her darling friend Sophie we chose this bright and happy yellow polka dot and made her and her doll a matching Yasemin Tea skirt! Top it off with this cute bowtie (instructions here) and there you have it: THE PERFECT BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! All made from materials I already had in the house! One less trip to the store!


Now I am off to my sewing room. Still have a few more Valentine’s day project to finish. More about them on Monday.

Have a good one.



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