A quick hello!

I think I am going to have to take a little break from blogging for a week or so. Things are getting quite busy with last minute preparation for the holiday. Or as my husband would put it: It’s fourth quarter! Let’s get it!!

I am 90% done with everything but the last bit is proving to be very time consuming… Yesterday, I finally got one of the more important presents I had ordered in the mail. I was so happy until I found out that they send the wrong thing!!! Arghhhh! Got that taken care of this morning. At least I hope so. They promised to ship what I had actually ordered via express mail. This mysterious thing that I can’t say the name of (wink wink) could make or break Christmas morning for one of the two older children… That’s all I can say about it at this point. Keeping my fingers crossed that Monday morning the nice mailman brings me a small package directly to the door preferably before the kids come home from school!

In other news, I am done with my LOVE ART for our bedroom.

photo 1 (24)

So excited to get this off of my table and finally on the walls. It was actually really simple and quick. A few left-over felt pieces for the letters & the heart, the largest embroidery hoop I had at home, some embroidery floss & needle!

photo 4 (16)

I just couldn’t dedicate too much time at once to it so it got pushed from dining table to sewing table to couch and back. I love where it hangs now. It complements the Nordic colors and decor we have going in our bedroom.


photo 2 (25)

The little pennant triangles are my favorites. AND: I got to use up don’t tiny left-over felt pieces from other projects.

photo 1 (18)

Of course, every bedroom needs some ‘love’!

photo 5 (12)

The letter are simple straight lines pinned directly onto the grey felt. No glue used here. I used embroidery floss and just whip stitched it on.

Oh, and one more update: Yesterday, I swooped the kids up from the school bus stop and zapped over to our little shopping center. After filling their always empty tummies with some yummy Belgian waffles we hit the stores and got daddy a present! One! Well, it’s a start. Let’s just see if the kids can keep quite and and tell him what we bought…

photo 1 (25)

I really gotta go. On my list:

  • 6 Christmas cloth napkins for the adults dinner table this Sunday!!! That’s super priority.

 photo 3 (23)

  • One pretty pouch for my friend Jen using this cool fabric that she had commented on when I bought it in Germany and posted on Facebook back in July. She is coming to dinner this Sunday so this has some urgency as well.

 photo 2 (28)

  • This embroidery loop art for the front door since I didn’t get to buy a wreath …

photo (18)

  • Two pouches for the kids’ teachers for next Friday with matching tote to put the pouch & truffles in.
  • A quilt & pillow case for Seda’s friend by next Wednesday. Sorry, but it makes the perfect birthday gift I think. Plus, I get to practice my piecing skills for future projects. 
  • PJ’s for my big girl and a few smaller things sewn up for her doll Ciara but I got a little extra time for that.
  • And while I’m at it a cozy flannel pillow case for my son so he won’t feel left out. 🙂

I think, that’s about it. Gotta dash.

Talk soon I hope.



Update: By the time I had a minute to ‘publish’ this post I had already finished the FrontDoorEmboideryHoopChristmasFeltArt! Bam! Side note: Maybe it’s done so quickly because I ‘dropped’ the third frame. The one with the ornaments on it. Two look good together! Sometimes less is more!

photo 1 (28)


Now, my guests can come!


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