Pretty (Pink!) Pouch, DIY

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This week, I had a very special little girl on my mind. No, not my two. I made a little surprise for my friend MP’s little princess. A pretty pink zippered pouch!  Princess En, was hospitalized last week. It was such a chock for everyone but thankfully she is home healthy & happy now! I wanted to make something special for her to celebrate her resilience. A pretty pink pouch!  I picked this playful hot pink fabric because it reminded me of her sunny spirit & endless energy. I hope she’ll like it. I can imagine her putting all her little treasures in it and dragging it around the house by the tassel!

Here is how I made this pretty little thing: (detailed instructions coming soon!)

I cut one rectangle (9″ x 13 “) from my outer fabric (woodland mushrooms) & one from my lining fabric (polka dots). I also cut out a rectangle in the same size of batting which I ironed onto the left side of the outer fabric. This makes the pouch really nice and padded & sturdy! In addition, I added 3 special details to my pouch although it really looks cute plain, too. But I wanted Princess En to be able to get a good grip on the zipper. A tassel is perfect for that!

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I learned to make a tassel in one of my online creativebug classes. So easy and fun! (I’ll prepare a tutorial for that as well – soon!) I sewed on a red ribbon onto front side of the outer fabric & added a tiny piece of ribbon with a crown and a heart on it onto the side. That makes it look so official! 🙂 (Can you spy the tiny little crown on the right side?)

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Oh, and I used a 9″ standard zipper – in hot pink, of course!

Here are some of the pictures I stopped to take in between sewing & ironing:

photo 5 (10) photo 1 (30) IronedOnInterfacing



And here are the pictures I took once I was done! It took me about 30 – 45 minutes to cut & sew everything. The hardest part was to write up the step-by-step instructions. It’ll take me another day or two but I promise I’ll post soon. 

Hope you enjoy!



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  1. Yasemin you are so thoughtful!! You words are very moving and everything you do is with such grace…you are wonderful and I appreciate you and the work you do. Love to you and your beautiful family…. My little princess loves the pretty pink pouch! You made her smile:)
    God bless you all.

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