Projects, projects, projects

I put the baby down for a nap, made a big pot of chai tea and finally retired to my comfy desk chair to type away. Ahhhhh! One hour of bliss!

On my mind today: HOLIDAYS! And holidays = lots and lots of projects! First of: Halloween costumes! That alone would be enough to keep my mornings full but of course there is more!!! Yeah!!

I have been eyeing these t-shirts you can decorate with  a Clorox bleach pen.


They are all over Pinterest (check it out here). Finally I remembered to purchase one at the grocery store yesterday. $3 later I have a head & a Pinterest board full of ideas – especially for my little girls! Oh, the possibilities. (Pink tee in below picture is from JCrew by the way.)

This super cute J. Crew tee could totally be a DIY with a bleach pen!

That’s not all. Yesterday’s embroidery hoop project got me thinking all night about our bedroom decor. It’s been on my list since we moved in (July 2012!!) but finally after some ah hem ‘research’ online (read: browsed Pinterest) I decided to finally tackle the wall behind our master bed. I am thinking along the lines of writing something like: Love lives here, Est. 1995! (A combination of the below left picture of the canvas but using a hoop!) I don’t want it too girly though since my man is kind of a ‘manly’ man but I am tempted to go all floral on him :-). He is lucky I also like nautical things and simple Ralph Lauren stripes. That always seems to be my go-to if it can’t be too feminine. We’ll see. What I know for sure is that it has to have the year we met and  ‘LOVE’ or a heart on it. It also has to be on larger hoops (more like 20″ and up) to make an impact on the huge wall space. I’ll probably use two large and maybe one smaller one. This sounds like more shopping but less doing to me. :-/ I noticed that shopping for projects is really easy and fun but actually getting started is kind of a pain. But the result is worth all the effort and this bedroom needs a make-over!!! So no excuses!

5 Wedding Canvas Ideas: #4 Anniversary Dates (canvas by Geezees via #handmade #wedding #gifts     Embroidery Hoop Monogram Door Hanging///

Another project that I have burning on my mind is a simple but useful cork board (today they are called: Inspiration / Mood Boards – fancy!!) for my son’s room. I’d like to paint the simple wooden frame of a store bought board (already purchased!!) and put a design on the cork part. I am thinking along the lines of his initials: IAM in the center and a cool chevron design around the edges … I have all the materials so this one should be fun. No more shopping necessary. Ideally though, I’d like to have my son involved in the design project but there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day left after school with sports, homework etc. etc. His availability delays this project …

LOVE this!  Have a plain cork board that I was thinking of returning, but this is so cute!  Perfect for our basement home office.  | plain jane: random goodness

Talking about involving my kids in projects. I have purchased a crotchet needle & some yarn at Hobby Lobby on Monday. It literally was less than $5 for both.

photo 1 (12)

The same afternoon I started showing Seda how she can make a simple string of crotchet loops. By Wednesday she had made a ‘key chain’ (that’s what she called it :-)) for all of her friends at school AND one for her teacher, too! I am so excited that my 6-year old is interested & capable of doing needlework. First simple embroidery now this!!  It’s the most beautiful thing to see her sit down with a needle! Here are a couple of pics of her getting started. She was only frustrated the first 10 minutes or so until she got the hang of it.

  photo 3 (8) photo 4 (9)

This makes me (&her as you can see below!) really happy! $5 well spent I’d say! Good job mom!

photo 2 (13)

Finally, the last thing on my to-do list: Prepare for my quilting class that starts October 20th! This is a first for me. I am so excited about all the different techniques the process of making a quilt involves. It’s like a Mosaic! A piece of art! A warming blanket! A patchwork of all kinds of beautiful fabric scraps that make a unique labor of love! I could go on and on …

Now, before this baby decides she’s napped enough I got to start cutting Seda’s Halloween costume!

I’ll talk you soon! Auf Wiedersehen*!



*Remember it’s Thursday! Yeah! Project Runway day! 🙂

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