Psssst, we have an official Yasemin Tea Logo coming soon!!

I just got an update from my logo designer, Toni. She promised to have my official logo for the site, the labels, cards etc. etc. done by the end of the month! September that is! That’s about 12 away! 12 days? It’s time to start the ‘new’ 12 days of you know what! … of impatiently waiting that is silly, not Christmas! 🙂

These are the questions she asked me in order to create the perfect look:


1. What’s your preferred deadline, time frame or exact date of completion?

2. Describe your organization. Please name three adjectives you think your organization encompasses.

3. Does your organization currently have a logo or any logos it is affiliated with? If so, will you please provide an image of it.

4. Does your organization have any colors, or do you have a color scheme in mind for this logo?

5. Do you have a tagline or any other specific information, like imagery, you would like to be included in the logo?

6. What is the primary use for this logo? Are there any size specifications?

7. What message would you like this logo to convey to your viewer?

8. Please add any other information you would like to include.

Here is my response: 

  1. By end of August 2013 (ahem! wink wink)
  2. Hand made, fashionable, useful.
  3. No existing logos.
  4. Greens & coral or nautical. Both water & trees are visually appealing to me.
  5. I like seahorses and nautical symbols like anchors, star fish, fish, whales etc.
  6. Will be printed onto labels that will go on handmade zippered pouch and possibly other similar accessories. Also could be sewn into clothing. Will be displayed as banner in shop. Will be used in letter head on invoices. (Oh, and the blog! :-))
  7. Quality, unique, pretty, beautiful.
  8. Below a few examples of the pouches that will be sold on (You can find the temporary shop on under Yasemin Tea (pretty pouches).


I cannot tell you how exciting this process is! I just wished it happened faster! Hurry up Toni!!

Meanwhile I’ll keep filling these pages with interesting content. This is what I am working on today:

Lavender Sachet Tutorial (Martha Stewart inspired):

photo (90)

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