Happy Halloween

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This has been one heck of a week! My routine was completely thrown off since last Friday. Yes, Friday was a great day for our family. I loved every minute of it. But there was no time to catch up on paperwork, cleaning, sewing, blogging etc.

First off, we had to ALL be up and ready to leave the house by 7:30 am to be at the kid’s school for a very special ceremony. That was a challenge on its own!

Both kids got awarded ‘Star Student’ for their great overall attitude & behavior. Butch and I couldn’t have been happier.


 Afterwards it was hard for me to get back in the groove of things at home. We still had a long afternoon and a very special dinner planned for the kids… Another late night!

Saturday was a typical day on the soccer field. Both kids had games, both kids won their games & the weather was absolutely gorgeous. That evening we had a birthday dinner at a friend’s house with kids and all… It was super nice to have some great food & conversation but of course by the time we got home everyone was EXHAUSTED!! No sleeping in on Sunday either. Kids had early birthday parties to attend. I had to finish doing stuff around the house, feed everyone and jet off to my second quilting class!!! That was a nice 3 hour break – ahhhhh. Finally we started piecing! I made some ‘piano keys’ & ‘bricks’ :-).

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And just like that the weekend was over and Monday was here with a bang! Butch had to be on a plane bright & early, kids had ‘ribbon day’ every single day of the week which meant bring money in to donate to that day’s fundraiser & dress up in the given theme such as cool shades, partner look, crazy hair, story book character etc. etc. Boy, could they have picked a worse week. With the hubby out of town on business, Halloween costumes to finish off, soccer practices & games, German lessons, my third grader had to dress as a pioneer on Friday! This meant a whole new costume to make for me. I hadn’t even started the hoodie transformation yet.

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(My mission: Turn a black hoodie into a Big Bad Wolf! I found a great tutorial here. Thanks Ellie!)

But since I found the idea of sewing ‘boy’s clothes’ so intriguing (usually it’s the girls that benefit from this mom & her sewing machine) I stopped everything else to research this Pioneer look. With pioneer look I mean piles and piles of laundry to fold away, stacks and stacks of papers to go through and file off … I think you get the idea. 🙂

During my research I found this picture on Etsy and got to work. I was actually surprised at how easy this look came together. Even my boy liked it which made me extra excited.

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Today though, finally with daddy back in town!! 🙂 things are looking much better & calmer. Kids were very quick to dress into their costumes bright  & early. I loved how they were in character immediately. Now they are off to school. Hubby is at work. Baby took an early nap 🙂 and I can enjoy this chai while I am in my sunny studio typing away. Ahhhhh. Exhale. I am bracing myself for a sugar overload this evening and another busy & long day tomorrow. Isaiah has a very important end of season game scheduled that his team absolutely has to win to advance to the play-offs. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this hard-working boy.

One thing that got neglected this week is my first homework from quilt class. We are half way through the session and I am still cutting. Oh boy. What a long & meticulous process quilt making is! The book is not really helpful without my patient teacher by my side.


Oh well. Let’s get to it.

Hope you are making something fun today and I hope you have a safe & happy Halloween!



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P.S. This is what Isaiah looked like as a pioneer.

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DIY – Pretty Pouch

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These instructions were a long time coming … It’s one thing to make these pretty pouches but to actually write down each step so that someone else can make one too? That’s a whole ‘nother story… Take it from me, it much harder to write the instructions than it is to actually make one of these cute little things. Oh, let’s not forget the picture taking!!! At some point I forgot I was documenting this process and kept sewing. That’s why you’ll see a different pouch in one of the pictures – ahem … I promise I’ll do better next time. Until then, enjoy!

I cut out one rectangle (9″ x 13 “) from my outer fabric (woodland mushrooms) & one from my lining fabric (polka dots).

I also cut out one batting piece in the same size which I ironed on the back of my outer fabric.  The batting makes the pouch really nice and padded & sturdy!

photo 5 (11)

OPTIONAL STEP: I added 3 special details to my pouch although it really looks cute plain, too. I wanted Princess En to be able to get a good grip on the zipper. A tassel is perfect for that! I learned to make a tassel in one of my online Creativebug classes. So easy and fun! (I’ll prepare a tutorial for that as well – soon!) I sewed on a red ribbon onto front side of the outer fabric & added a tiny piece of ribbon with a crown and a heart on it onto the side. That makes it look so official! 🙂 Can you see it on the right side?

Oh, and I used a 9″ standard zipper – in hot pink, of course!

(1)    Once you cut out your fabric pieces & batting, go ahead and iron on batting to the left side of outer fabric.

photo 1 (30) IronedOnInterfacing

(2)   Place (outer) fabric right side up onto work surface, open zipper and place right sides together onto your fabric. Now, place lining fabric (mine is the polka dot) on top of the zipper & pin! You are creating a sandwich here with zipper in between!

(3)   Use a zipper foot (optional) to sew the zipper in place (I used my regular foot. Just works better for me…). Then you’ll pin and sew the second side the same way.


(4)   Pin the rights sides of your outer fabric together and sew along the sides and the bottom. Remember to keep your zipper unzipped so you can turn the pouch later.

(5)  This step is the hardest for me to put into words. Luckily it’s not hard to do and adds so much body to the pouch but to explain it I find quite hard. I took these pictures… Do they make sense?  What we are doing here is creating this nice bottom for the pouch to stand on. This is completely up to you. I just love the body it gives to the pouch. Pinch the corners of the outer fabric together so that you can sew a line at a right angle (at about 1.5”) off. You’ll cut off these ‘peaks’ you have created. And, no need to do this on the lining!

photo 1 (32) photo 2 (32)

(6)  Now, it’s time to sew the lining. You are pretty much doing the same as in step before except for: You’ll need to leave a small opening along the bottom (about 2.5”). This is where we will turn the pouch right sides out when are done. The opening can be slipstitched or simple top stitched with coordinating thread afterwards. No big deal since it’s on the inside of the pouch anyway.

Tip: If you’d like to decorate your outer fabric with trim you can do so after you sewed the zipper in place (after step 3). That’ll give you a better measurement on where you’d like your trim to be exactly.

Oh, I really hope that this instruction makes sense to you. This project is so much fun to sew and super useful too! Once you make one I am sure you’ll want to make several more. They make the PERFECT! gift!

I gave this one to my friend Elizabeth who is working on a logo for me.

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I made this one for my friend Laurie – a perfect birthday gift!

photo 2 (34)

This fabric by Oliver + S reminded me of my friend Alev so I made her one too!

photo 3 (20)

One for mini-me, of course!!

photo 5 (12)

And this one is all MINE! 🙂

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Crochet – A déjà vu

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It’s been a long time, a very very long time since I had a crochet hook in my hands… It’s like with riding a bike – once you hop on you start paddling. I picked up a few red/white/blue balls of cotton and a medium size hook and went for it! What a rewarding little thing to do here and there and end up with something pretty & useful at the same time. Again, my little girl served as my inspiration. As I wrote here before I was looking for some fun needlework that was doable for a six-year old and discovered crocheting for myself.

photo 2 (13)


This has got to be the easiest project with the least materials needed and therefore very affordable & portable as well!

photo 1 (12)

You can get yarn & needle together for $3!

I’ve been adding a row or tow whenever possible. At the park, in carpool lane, and in front of the TV! This is such a rewarding activity.


I’ve already made a blanket and a scarf for my daughter’s doll Ciara.

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Now I am working on a red/white/blue stroller blanket for my baby girl. I found this super creative blogger on Pinterest and learned how to crochet little stars. I am planning on adding those to the finished blanket. It’s perfect for my STELLA!

This is how far I’ve gotten in less than a week: 16 ” by 24 “!


It takes about a ball of yarn to crochet 5″.


I think I am about half way there with this blanket. Its heavy and warm. I can’t wait to wrap Stella up in it on Saturday mornings when we go to watch the kids play soccer.

What will you be starting today! 🙂

Whatever it is – enjoy!




Pretty (Pink!) Pouch, DIY

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This week, I had a very special little girl on my mind. No, not my two. I made a little surprise for my friend MP’s little princess. A pretty pink zippered pouch!  Princess En, was hospitalized last week. It was such a chock for everyone but thankfully she is home healthy & happy now! I wanted to make something special for her to celebrate her resilience. A pretty pink pouch!  I picked this playful hot pink fabric because it reminded me of her sunny spirit & endless energy. I hope she’ll like it. I can imagine her putting all her little treasures in it and dragging it around the house by the tassel!

Here is how I made this pretty little thing: (detailed instructions coming soon!)

I cut one rectangle (9″ x 13 “) from my outer fabric (woodland mushrooms) & one from my lining fabric (polka dots). I also cut out a rectangle in the same size of batting which I ironed onto the left side of the outer fabric. This makes the pouch really nice and padded & sturdy! In addition, I added 3 special details to my pouch although it really looks cute plain, too. But I wanted Princess En to be able to get a good grip on the zipper. A tassel is perfect for that!

photo 1 (28)

I learned to make a tassel in one of my online creativebug classes. So easy and fun! (I’ll prepare a tutorial for that as well – soon!) I sewed on a red ribbon onto front side of the outer fabric & added a tiny piece of ribbon with a crown and a heart on it onto the side. That makes it look so official! 🙂 (Can you spy the tiny little crown on the right side?)

photo 4 (19)

Oh, and I used a 9″ standard zipper – in hot pink, of course!

Here are some of the pictures I stopped to take in between sewing & ironing:

photo 5 (10) photo 1 (30) IronedOnInterfacing



And here are the pictures I took once I was done! It took me about 30 – 45 minutes to cut & sew everything. The hardest part was to write up the step-by-step instructions. It’ll take me another day or two but I promise I’ll post soon. 

Hope you enjoy!



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Skirts Galore

Bubble Skirts, Denim Skirts, Layered Skirts, Maxi Skirts, Mini Skirts, Tiered Skirts, Ruffled Skirts, Corduroy Skirts, Circle Skirts, Pencil Skirts, Wrap Skirts, Flamenco Skirts, A-Line Skirts, Flared Skirts, Gypsy Skirts, Paneled Skirts, Tube Skirts, Mermaid Skirts, Pleated Skirts, … Skirts Skirts Skirts!

photo 4 (16) photo 3 (17) photo 4 (17) photo 1 (25) photo 2 (24)

In the beginning there was a skirt – this skirt.

photo 2 (23)

It sparked a real passion in my life. I stumbled upon this book: Making Children’s Clothes (by Emma Hardy)

photo 1 (24)

as I was browsing through random books at my local bookstore. It was love at first sight! I bought the book that night (usually I’ll go home and order it online!)  and the next day I went fabric shopping. This was going to be the first garment I ever made! It looked easy enough but most importantly it was so darned cute! I wanted my little girl to wear one of these. Since it was made using three different fabrics plus ribbon I thought of all the different options that this skirt could be made of.

The fabric shopping wasn’t as successful. I was looking for small floral prints but couldn’t find 3 coordinating ones. After all, this was my first time shopping for fabric for an actual garment! The lines were filled with fabric but nothing looked like the skirt in my book. I was lost in fabric land! I ended up with 2 floral prints and one with yellow polka dot! Again, this was my first time… What was I thinking! Not until the skirt was done did I realize that it didn’t look anything like the skirt in the picture.


I wanted to just shred it. I even tried the same kind of green gingham ribbon between the tiers and ripped that off quickly.

After I got over the initial disappointment I let me daughter wear this skirt to the park just for fun.  And then it happened. As she was climbing up and down the play structure I realized something. Paired with a simple t-shirt and some cute leggings she looked adorable! I just loved the way she moved in it. It wasn’t the perfect skirt by any means but I felt so proud that I made it for her. No one else in the world would have the same exact skirt. Unlike all the Gap & Old Navy outfits she usually wore this skirt was unique! And that’s when I decided I was going to keep making skirts for her until I got it just right! I knew I could do it! With the right fabric, and the detailing I knew these skirts had something.

I love little girls in skirts. Skirts are versatile and comfortable; they can be dressed up or down. You can wear them over leggings or play shorts. You can wear them short, long, above the knee or just below. There is no shape or length that doesn’t ‘flatter’ a little girl. Skirts can be made out of any material: Silk, linen, cotton, knit, corduroy, denim with flip-flop, over sandals, boots, and loafers etc. etc. You get my point.

BalloonSkirt.jpg   NauticalSkirt.jpg   LatestSkirtCreation

(some of the skirts I’ve made after reading Emma Hardy’s book.)

Ever since that first skirt that summer of 2009 I made every single skirt that my daughter has in her closet. There might be one or two hand-me-downs (after all who can turn down a gift!), a skirt we found on sale at the store but 90% of them are made by mommy! The absolute bonus is that my daughter loves it when I make her a skirt (or any other garment). She sometimes helps pick the fabric or the trim and of course does the ‘twirl test’ for me! 🙂

FlowerPowerSkirt.jpg   MichaelMillerFabric.jpg

(First two corduroy skirts in 2010.)

My latest creation is the circle skirt. I wrote about it in my Little Red costume post.

photo 5 (8)

When I first started this journey in making children’s clothes I had no idea that there were (free!) tutorials & videos!!! online. My only references were books I found at the store.  Today, I make all kinds of clothes & costumes for my children. (Pictured below a nightdress and toddler dress which are the other patterns from Emma Hardy’s book that I’ve made several of. )

photo 4 (15) photo 3 (15)

I even made 2 skirts for myself! Never ever did I imagine that I could sew for myself. Actually, I get more compliments on the things I make myself than the store bought ones. That makes me so happy! Enjoying the process of making and then being able to wear or use whatever I make is the best feeling of all. It sort of justifies my fabric shopping habit. 🙂 Oh, how I love shopping for fabric! That’s where the joy starts, then cutting the fabric, then sewing it up, then wearing it!!! So much fun & joy!

Ever since I discovered that Joann’s wasn’t my only option for fabrics I feel like a kid in a candy store! The local fabric shops & online options in addition to tutorials on how to turn old garments into new clothes is like a eureka moment for me.  In the future I am planning on slowing down on making skirts for my daughters. Instead I’d love to redo some of my t-shirts into interesting Anthropologie-inspired tops.

The downside of all the custom made bounty of skirts & dresses for my kids is that my older daughter who is picky to begin with is calling pants “ugly clothes”. Like this morning when she cried because I wanted her to wear store-bought Capri pants! It’s been raining here for 2 days so I thought perfect time to use these pants with sneakers. But noooo! She wanted to look ‘cute’. Needless to say I was pretty mad. It didn’t help that my youngest has a cold and didn’t sleep AT ALL last night!!! Discussing outfits with a six-year old early in the morning is not really a good start into the day for me… But that’s all settled now and she is off to school wearing jeans – her only other clothing she’ll wear if it’s not mommy-made…

Like my husband always says: You never know who she’s going to be. It’ll all make sense later… I’m thinking she’d better be Coco Chanel or somebody with that sense of style! Anyway, my baby is napping now and these dishes won’t do themselves.

Gotta go! Is it Thursday yet?





(Once I fest confident following a pattern I just went for it! Seda’s holiday skirt made from inexpensive flannel and ‘pimped’ up with velvet ribbon, heart button and my favorite pompom ribbon!)

    086  178

(Easy breezy summer skirts: Can’t go wrong with nautical seersucker, stripes, red, white & blue!)


photo 1 (26)

(Our fall favorites: corduroy!)


‘Cause I loved the print so much I had to have both colors! 🙂

Lavender Sachet, DIY

photo (90)

I really hope you’ll give these a try. They are so easy! I promise! Let’s get started:

Gather all your supplies: 2 x 5.5 ” pieces of fabric, 2 oz. of organic lavender seeds (I purchased mine on Amazon for $15.99/pound), little spoon to scoop seeds, 8 ” ribbon, sewing machine with matching thread, hand sewing needle and more thread, iron (optional), pinking shears (optional), disappearing ink marker and a piece of paper to make your shape of choice.

  1. Make a heart or any other shape with paper – that’s your pattern! (Mine measured 5” across.)
  2. Trace your shape onto fabric.

photo (87)3. Cut out your shape (front & back).

photo (84)

4. Pin right sides together. TIP: This is where I inserted an 8” ribbon into the heart sandwich. This will later make your loop!

photo 25. Sew around your shape with a very small seam leaving an inch or two opening. Tip: The bigger the opening the easier it is to turn inside out and fill with seeds.

photo (85)6. Trim your shape with pinking shears.

madewithover (8)6. Turn inside out & press seams.

photo (94)

7. Fill the heart with lavender seeds (for mine I used about 2 ounces.) You are almost done!! 🙂

photo (89)8. Slip stitch opening closed.

photo (86)There you have it! Keep, give, trade, or simply admire your handmade sachet!  I made some for Stella’s guests this Sunday, saved some to send overseas as Christmas gifts, and slipped some in the linen drawers to repel moths.

photo (90)

P.S. I  love giving gifts that are hand-made, pretty, useful & in this case even come with a list of benefits. Read about the benefits of lavender here

Happy sewing!