Bye bye April – Hello May!

April has been the most eventful & exciting month since I started blogging in September of 2013 but interestingly enough I only found two opportunities to blog in April. I have not giving my sewing machine a rest for more than 24 hours at a time but finding the time to photograph and write about what goes on around here has been hard. I am sure May won’t be any different. After all, in less than 40 days we will have to have sold everything that we are not taking with us to our new home in Germany. All four suitcases and another for carry-ons will have to be packed and ready to go. The boxes for storage containing memorabilia – mostly kid’s trophies & medals, art work, photo albums and video tapes etc. have to packed and labeled.

But first, let me take a moment to recap via Instagram pictures all that the Mosbys have been up to in April.



Packing has commenced! And no end in sight…


Fabric shopping & spring sewing has happened – a lot!


Had lots of Oprah & chai both at home and at Starbucks. Oh so good – especially together!!


Done some spring shopping at Old Navy with my sidekick and aspiring mannequin. And of course, stopped & smelled the flowers at Trader Joe’s!

Thanks for stopping by! Let’s go MAY!!



Fabric bundle give-away


My first give-away ever and for good reason.

I get so excited when I hear from friends that their little girls want to learn to sew! I was honored to teach a few of them myself but even if I can’t teach every single one of them I’d like to constribute one way or another to their creative journey.

Inspired by my daughter’s soccer buddy Alex who received a sewing machine from Santa last year I am offering my Facebook followers & friends the opportunity to win a fabric-scrap-bundle from YaseminTea today. This is a first for me. All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me your crafty kids’ name and age! That’s it. I’ll randomly select a handful of names and mail out the bundles on Wednesday. By the end of the week your crafty kid can start cutting, pinning, sewing away!

I prepared the bundle above for little Alex. Can’t wait to see what she’ ll make from these. Your bundle will be very similar.

  • At least ten different fabric pieces from a 10″ square to much larger, some ribbon, a handful of pins and much more. There is even a little surprise for the lucky winners. So go ahead and leave a comment!
  • Give-away ends tonight!

Good luck!



P.S. Please note that I can only offer this give-away to folks with a US address. Otherwise, the shipping cost would be way too high. So sorry for this restriction.

Spring break 2014

image image

(wow, how time flies!)

What a nice week we had together. A break. A real break from getting up too early in the am, scheduling too meant things, homework, early bedtimes and rush rush rush…. And after an unusually long winter actual spring! After bear trees nowj finally blooming! Unlike other breaks and vacations I purposely did not plan any day trips. I realized that although we like to be out and about we spend disproportionately too much time in the car. That’s not very relaxing. Although the baby has a set nap time that is very important right now. Last time the kids were on break Stella was still taking two naps during the day. I’d let her nap en route one and plan to be home for the late afternoon one. But this one midday nap only schedule actually works much better for me. She goes down for the night by 8 pm with the other two.


No more late night baby entertainment needed. I love that.

So this week we played by ear, stayed local, enjoyed lots of sunshine and really truly took a break.


(Played at the park.)


(We took this sweet bitty baby to Dallas for a make-over. We ended up having to hospitalize her!! She’s going to get a brand new set of curls just like she had when she first joined our family in 2010. )


And talking about curls, Miss Seda got a make-over of her very own during the break.

Here she is on Tuesday:


and below on Wednesday after an hour brushing and straightening and ‘de-volumenizing’!!


Today my big kids are back to school and back to an already jammed packed week ahead. Soccer practice for one tonight and a game for the other late into the evening. And so it goes all the way until Sunday afternoon. Lots of soccer, birthday parties, a dinner party, and so on and so forth. For me that also means some sewing is in order. I am planning on sewing a skirt combo for our gracious dinner host’s daughter.  And a little something for my daughter’s little friend who celebrates her special day this Sunday.

During the break I was actually able to squeeze an hour or so of sewing here and there. The result, a finished baby quilt! It is so bright and happy and floral and SCREAMS spring! Ladies & gentlemen I proudly present my first FINISHED quilt ever!

image image

Spring Break Quilt, 2014

My inspiration was this gorgeous piece of  100%  Italian linen by Etro that my dear friend Elke sent me for my birthday.


I couldn’t imagine cutting it up and ‘wasting’ even an inch of it. Instead I made a ueber-floral quilt top from fat quarters in my stash and cut and sewed and sandwiched and bound this beauty. I could not be happier with the way it looks and has been used already. It will always remind me of my dear Elke and her impeccable taste and appreciation of quality. I cant wait to show it to her this summer when we go back to Germany. Nothing else has gotten done in the sewing room other than planning of a couple of things I’d like to check of my list before the summer. Which reminds me that I still have to finish the post about ‘our big announcement’ that’s sitting in my draft folder. I am still contemplating on how to ‘break’ the news… 🙂 it’s all good though and possibly this week I’ll have a chance to finish typing that post and publishing it here and on facebook. What better way to tell your friends what’s going on in your life, right?

Anyway, I better get in the sewing room before my napper  little butterfly wakes up.


Back to reality this week and I am loving it!

Happy spring everyone.




Photobook Mania

I just love those handy photo books large and small, with soft covers or hard ones, with 20 pages or 200 – I like them all. In fact, looking back I have ordered all variations of it online. My go-to place is Shutterfly. These books cost anywhere from $20 -$100. The set-up is pretty straight-forward and design options are great, too! The finished book looks so professional that everyone wonders who ‘designed’ them for us. 🙂 I’ve given photo books as gifts – especially to my mom – who doesn’t use a computer or a smart phone! Imagine that! All other close friends & family are online and get flooded with photos everyday. But my mom is old-school in this area. So every year I create a photobook of the highlights just for her. She loves them.

Recently I’ve purchased a Groupon for a 20-page photobook and knew just how I was going to use it…

Unlike all previous books this one was going to feature YaseminTea handmade items! All in one place, perfectly bound, with a padded glossy cover! Considering that the Groupon cost me $10 only I thought this was a great investment! I had an hour before the kids came home from school and 20 pages to fill! I browsed my online albums and selected 38 pictures that best represented me. A little cropping, a few captions later I had placed my order! Easy peezy! I’ve ordered on a Friday and received my book by the following Tuesday. I should mention that the shipping & handling is not included in the Groupon and actually cost me another $11.99. but once I held my book in my hands I knew it was worth the price. It beautifully summarizes my four-year journey of sewing children’s clothes. 


(The glossy front cover featuring my new logo.)


(Even the back is pretty – just like fabric. I’d like two yards of it please!)

It all started with skirts: Twirly, bouncy, mini, midi, and my daughters’ favorite maxi skirts!!


I quickly added dresses to my second favorite thing to make for my girl(s). Especiallly the peasant style dress in all variations is one of my favorites to sew.


Last year, I have added the padded zippered pouch. I have my own pattern that has a stand-up bottom. I’ve given these as gifts to teachers, girlfriends, neighbors etc. Some I stuffed with organic travel-sized cosmetics, others with a gift card.


I made many little heart shaped and lavender filled sachets…


… some home decor involving the ever-so-popular embroidery hoops… 🙂


Oh, and there was Halloween & Pioneer Day at school to sew for.


And lots & lots of doll clothes, quilts, and the Oliver+ S hair bow ties!


Sewing has gotten even more fun ever since my littlest baby joined our family.  I get to make two of everything! That’s double the fun!



Now this pretty book will join the many others on our coffee table.

Hope you are having many Kodak moments yourself!



Doll clothes hanger – DIY


Last year, I made simple doll clothes hangers for my daughters birthday party. Each of her guests left with a one-of-a-kind doll outfit. I never thought to share how I made these simple doll clothes’ hangers. I’ve been making them for my daughters American Girl dolls for a while now. Recently, we have been invited to a lot of birthday parties and again I made handmade doll clothes with matching hanger. Several parents wanted to know where I had gotten them. So here you go, The Simple Doll Clothes’ Hanger DIY. And simple they are! Just look in your closet for those wire hangers from the dry cleaners – not the white ones for mens shirts but the ones for pants and sweaters etc.


I love these. They don’t have sharp parts that could hurt a child or you as you are turning these simple adult-sized hangers into these cute ones.


No, you won’t need any specialized-doll-clothes-hanger-tools, I promise. You can make these with your bare hands! 🙂 let’s get started:

First, remove the cardboard tube at the bottom (1). Put aside as we will need the tube later. Now start by bending one arm of the hanger inwards (2). Easy right?

(3) now bend the same side downwards to and repeat on opposite side (4).


now you’ll need that cardboard tube from earlier. I cut mine in half with an old kitchen knife. Use any craft knife that you have handy. (5 & 6) now you can insert the half- tube back into those open ends at the bottom.


You are done! But I like to tie a little ribbon around the neck of the hanger for the perfect finish.


I always make a bunch of these to have on hand for my signature birthday gift set


and my daughter’s doll has all her clothes hung up nicely on this cool display I purchased when a local children’s boutique sold their displays.


It’s nice to have everything visible which just screams: come play with me! These clothes get played with more than other toys we store in baskets.

Happy bending!


february recap via instagram

Have you noticed too that a lot of people have migrated from Facebook to Instagram? Instagram is more personal and brief. Just the way I like it. No lengthy status updates, no news or other suggested pages I might like… instead pretty pictures with short captions that help me stay in touch with friends and a handful of or so other blogs that I enjoy following. Although the other day I ‘unfollowed’  two bloggers that were writing short story-like posts and posting several times a day! No, thank you! I wasn’t looking for another Facebook! Let’s keep it simple friends. Oh, by the way, you can find me as mosbyfamily on Instagram! 🙂 Here’s what I’ve posted there in February – an insta-recap if you will:

 The bargain of the month! I paid 50 cents for this gorgeous remnant at Wal-Mart! Score!!

photo 3-1

I turned it into this springy, rainbow skirt for my big girl!

photo 5-3

and still had left-over for a tiered skirt for my baby girl!

photo 2-2

We played lots of Basketball.

photo 3

And brought home the GOLD!

photo 1-1

This one has gotten all decked out for spring soccer.


We celebrated a dear friend’s daughters birthday with a signature Yasemin Tea skirt-set!

photo 5-1

I’ve started this quilt top for Stella (coral & cream pinwheels!).


Of course there was Valentine’s Day. And love was all around.


At home with sweet Stella. And…

val 6

…lots of love in the classroom.

I had a chance to spread my love for sewing by teaching Katy how to use a sewing machine!

photo 2

I think I am going to do this insta-recap-thing every month! Hope you enjoy,


Valentine’s ‘treats’ that won’t cause cavities :-)


You know Valentine’s Day is quickly becoming my second least favorite holiday ever since my kids started school. I thought only on Halloween it was ok to overindulge your kids in sugar. But apparently Valentine’s Day is trying hard to get the number one spot. Of course, I enjoy the dressing up for Halloween and the love that surrounds February 14th but at school these holidays mean that kids get to exchange CANDY!!! Lots and lots of candy. Teachers and any other adult that comes in contact with children get to do the same on those days. It’s not just the candy but the kind that my kids receive that I don’t like. All my efforts (and cash!) to feed my kids organic whenever possible and very little processed food in general are thrown out the window on those holidays !!! Grrrrrrr

Momma no likey. Not one bit.

I know what you are thinking: they are only young once and a little bit of everything is good for them and let them be kids…. but BECAUSE they are young and BECAUSE it’s important to instill the right habits in them NOW I am even more determined to break this tradition cycle.

Sooooooo, here is my solution: On Valentine’s Day show some REAL LOVE and make something! Give your friends handmade items! 🙂 Look here, aren’t those cute?

photo (6)

And so much fun to make – for mom & kids! You can place a little note in them or an organic treat. They will hold a gift card just so perfectly!! 🙂 Or fill them with lavender to turn those stuffy drawers into fields of french freshness! Don’t get me wrong, I love gift giving just as much as the next one. I LOVE chocolate, and cookies & cake!! I let my kids have treats ALL the time. Really. I promise they don’t miss out on anything. Just recently the kids have been hooked to making rice crispy treats.

 photo 1-5

But do we need a holiday to pass out the WORST thing a lap has produced? Artificial flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup… oh and COLORS!! And did I mention artificial flavors? Who in the world enjoys those?

Well, not this mother! This year all of my daughter’s girlfriends are getting a Yasemin Tea-Skirt!

 photo 2-5

Luckily, I already had this fabric in my stash from a few years ago.  Don’t you love when holiday fabrics go on sale for 70% off at JoAnns the day after a holiday? I had about three yards of this fun pink & red heart fabric waiting to be turned into something!

The boys in my daughter’s class will all receive the aforementioned felt heart hanger with some bubble gum! So will my son’s whole class (boys & girls). The felt hangers were so easy to make. And felt is super affordable. $4.99 / yard at JoAnn’s (plus you can always find a 40% off coupon!!). I made a template heart on paper and traced it onto my felt. I needed two two pieces (front&back, mine are about 5.5″ across) and another half piece for the pocket.

 photo 3-5

I added a little leaf machine stitching to the pocket for some extra cuteness. And a cute little ribbon loop in case kids would like to hang them on their backpacks. I filled each heart with Polyfil. You can use cotton balls too.  Note: You don’t need a sewing machine for this project. Felt doesn’t fray and is really fun to sew by hand and super cute when you use a contrasting color thread. Embroidery floss works great. See here. But since I had to make 40 of these I opted for the quick machine version. I am sure you understand. 🙂 After all, the baby only naps an hour or two each morning.




P.S. After I was done with my heart hangers I had some scraps of felt left-over. I used it to make a banner of 100 little hearts.  My daughter got to take the banner to school last week for their 100th day of Kindergarten celebration. What better way to celebrate a milestone than to show some love? 🙂

photo 2 (4)

January Recap


Is it really time to recap January already? I usually don’t do this but I was somewhat surprised to see that today was the last day of the first month of the year. My birthday month, the month to break resolutions, the month with a wide variety of weather: warm, icy, mild, windy, wet, foggy, etc. etc. But for me the attribute that stands out the most this month is: PRODUCTIVE! Yes, January has been a very productive time in my sewing studio. I’ve come across this post and started buying up all the long & short sleeved tees for both my girls to pimp refashion into easy, breezy, beautiful dresses. What’s so awesome about this project was that not only could I knock out several of these in a week but also the fact that I could use up larger fabric scraps from my stash. Especially for my 16-months-old all I needed was a seven inches!!! That makes room in my stash and gives me an incentive to start shopping the newest spring fabrics that are out there. Also, I am way ahead of spring & summer clothes shopping for both girls. All my six-year-old ever wants to wear are dresses & skirts anyway so this project is a match made in heaven.


So far this is what I’ve finished.

photo 3

Matching Liberty London dresses, one with a collar! My first time ever sewing a collar on a dress, the little one with a placket & three bottons (also something I don’t typically do!) I especially love the pleats on the baby’s dress. I think they are so preppy.

photo 2

Here is another view of the navy t-shirt dress with Liberty fabric. My husband preferred it without a collar and although I like it simple and clean as well I wanted to push myself and draft & sew a collar – just once.

I’ve decided to not let the girls wear their dresses before the end of winter. They have too many cute clothes that need some wear this season. One exception will be the Valentines Day dress I’ve already finished for Seda.

 photo 1 (2)

I’ve used this turquoise and red Hamburger Liebe fabric from Germany.

This pair of matching dresses has already been worn and washed multiple times since I made them two weeks ago for our MLK day photo appointment at JC PENNEY.  They wear easy, wash easy, no ironing, no nothing! Easy, breezy, … you get the  point.


And how about these two peasant dresses for Stella I’ve whipped up this month?


This polka-dotted cuteness she’s worn several times already. It’s the softest denim I’ve ever sewn with.

photo (1)

And this above version is so light & sheer. My favorite from Anna Maria Horner’s 2013 Field Study line. I’ve made a dress for Seda from it last year. She’s worn it all over Europe. Hoping she’ll still fit it this summer. She loves ‘being twins’ with her little sis’. 🙂

 photo 4

I love dressing up my girls and taking hundreds of pictures. Unfortunately, the little one couldn’t care less about having her picture taken. Needless to say this picture below is not making it on the family wall. Who wants to look back in 20 years and say: WOW! That’s a HUGE cell phone!! She didn’t smile ONCE in this hour-long shoot.


Good thing I purchased the photo session on Groupon. The $25 bucks I’ve spent still yielded ONE decent shot of all three kids:


We got the above printed on canvas (On the final version they managed to cover up the phone in the corner.) :- Also we got a bunch of super cute individual shots of the older two:



The baby wanted to be ‘behind’ the camera if you know what I mean. I think she believes the camera, iPad, iPhone, AND the remote are all hers! 🙂 That little thing got us ALL wrapped around her finger. But who can say no to this?


I’ve tried to get a cute picture of the girls with daddy this past weekend but managed only ONE so-so shot.

photo 5

The baby preferred running around and terrorizing playing with the ducks. Oh well…

photo (2)

This one is a tom boy I am certain of it. She competes with her big brother in activity level and dribbles the ball down the field like no other! Seda at this age was perfectly content watching the happenings from her beloved stroller with snack in hand. No need to get out climb, run, etc. etc. She had barely a scratch until she turned three. This baby is already completely scratched up, bruised up, banged up … It’s crazy. I thought it was going to get easier with the third one….

 photo 4

Anyway, in other news I’ve now decided on the final fabric combo for Stella’s first quilt. I am staying with the coral hues but added this mustardy yellow to it. It’s Anna Maria Horner’s XO’s – how could I resist.

 photo (3)

I am hoping to start that once the Valentines heart hangers (see inspiration here) for the kid’s classmates are done. I’ve also got another birthday present to sew. It’s a shame I can’t sew anything for one of my son’s friend’s birthdays but for my daughter I have endless ideas. I am definetely sticking to matching doll & girl outfit. Seda told me I didn’t have to make a doll quilt. She said correctly that it would take too long. She is so sweet. And thoughtful. I wonder who she got that from? Oh yes, her daddy of course!! 🙂



Reading, Sewing and a year older!

I love how reading blogs takes you all over the world. You get to peek into other mom’s lifes. See how they live with their children, how they create … I love looking through their lenses. They take breath-taking pictures. It’s so interesting to see how winter is so different in different parts of the county. From snow storms to beach days, from fog to rain to dry, sunny Texas-like weather. It’s all happening this month in the blogesphere. It’s gorgeous. I also enjoy seeing the cozy, candy-lit homes of European bloggers. I keep adding to my blogroll everyday. (See full list here.) What’s great is how supportive bloggers are of eachother. Today I’ve discovered Rosy Little Things on Probably Actuallys blog. I love the foggy winter pictures of Oregon with all the beautiful hand-knit baby sweaters & the floral print Alicia’s little girl is wearing. So beautiful. I’ve also been reading Whitney Deal’s blog: Darling Dexter ever since I saw it mentioned on Oliver+S. Again beautiful pictures & really exceptional eye for kid’s clothes. Again on the Oliver + S blog I’ve come across My Cakies last month. I love bloggers from California. You and Mie is another new favorite of mine from Cali! Their pictures remind me of my home of 7 years… Oh California dreamin’… I miss the beach SO MUCH!!! In other news, yesterday was my birthday.  I gave myself a little break from everything. I slowed down. It was perfect! Outside it was cold cold cold and grey! I can handle the cold with blue skies but that deary grey makes me just want to cuddle up on the couch … Naturally we couldn’t go to the park in the morning. But half way through the morning it dawned on me that this is exactly what I needed. Once the baby was napping I realized how great the gift of quite is. I could actually THINK! I could BREATHE deeply. So nice for a change. Even after the older kids came home from school we took it easy. I can’t remember the last time we build these block towers together …

 photo 1 (26)

All of us. Priceless! We are on-the-go and active way too often. It’s the simple quite that I am enjoying these days. I hope that’s not a sign of me getting old – or is it? 🙂 I don’t feel old. Actually, I feel very energetic & healthy! Thank goodness for that. This is me last year on my birthday:

 photo (81)

Seda took this picture of me when we were feeding the ducks after school. It was a cool but sunny and bright day last year. This year’s pic is taken inside. In our cozy living room in front of the fireplace.

 photo 2 (26)

I just love how Seda takes pictures. It’s and art really. Not everyone can do it. I love her patience with it too. Taking better pictures is on my list of improvements this year. First I’d like to trade in my old Canon for a newer model. And then I am going to READ the manual!! I hear that there are a few simple steps like shutter speed etc. that can improve the quality of the picture dramatically. More research to be done here still! Anyway, I better head over to my sewing table and hop onto the turn-a-t-shirt-into-a-dress train that I am on this week. 🙂 After all baby has just under another hour of sleep left … Have fun, stay healthy! Love, Yasemin photo 3 (23) photo 1 (27) P.S. These piles of new solid tees are awaiting me today. One is for Seda in size 7-8 y and the other is for Stella in 24 m. I purchased them all at the Children’s Place Outlet for less than $4 each! Score!! They are super soft & long-sleeved. I usually cut the sleeves to 3/4 length which I prefer. My original idea inspired by this post was to turn the girl’s old tees into dresses but let’s be honest: Who wants to spend time & use beautiful new fabric to turn and old t-shirt into a dress? I prefer these crisp – not too expensive – ones. At least the precious time I spent in my sewing room will be well worth it afterwards. Plus the baby’s worn t-shirts and onesies are so gross from food stains … Yuck! … January 27th: Update Here’s one of the many t-shirt dresses coming out of the oven these days :-): LibertyDressWithCollar I considered keeping it simple – at first – but went with a collar and fabric covered button addition in the end. TshirtDressLiberty   Well, my muse liked the details and can’t wait to wear it. As you can probably see I haven’t even hemmed it yet. Just wanted to get the picture out of the way while the weather was pleasant. This has truly been a roller-coaster-winter. SedaNewLibertyDress