Time to take a break

The first day when my love leaves for the US is always the hardest… Now, with summer break upon us it all seems so down and gloomy despite the sun. After weeks of absence the sun decided to return! Thank goodness! It not only warms the skin but the heart and soul … It’s hopeful, positive, bright and happy. Looking forward to six weeks off. Summer break to the rescue. 

We hadn’t planned anything for this break so far – that is up until a day ago. Now, I spontaneously booked a trip to Denmark! To Aarhus – the European Capital of Culture in 2017!    

I am glad I did. We are taking the train. It’s super convenient and affordable. It wasn’t as affordable to find the right hotel for a family with 3 kids. But I think this Zleep Hotel will do. I sure need this break and so do the kids. Isaiah is moving on to middle school while Seda finished Elementary school … It was quite a journey so far both for us parents and the kids as well. Unlike our first year in Germany which went by quickly. All the newness and the excitement made that year fly by. We just went along with it – soaked it all up. But the next 2 were different. They were demanding. For me as a stay-at-home mom it meant lots of PTA work, housework and juggling work & play. Being the go-to person for the children. Their support system. Quite demanding and exhausting, I have to admit. Of course, along the was I was growing my network of moms & dads, friends, neighbors and just adjusting to the system and finally mastering it! No time for boredom that’s for sure. 

I was fortunate enough to get involved in organizing a fundraiser for Isaiah’s school.

Following that I helped found an environmental group: KGS Green Team.

Before school years end we received recognition internally as well as publicly. 🙂

But there were also personal days. Days of neighborhood barbecues and most cherished our quarterly luncheon with our dear neighbor Gerthild. Our bust buddies C&T from Hamburg joined us this quarter. What great memories for kids & adults alike. Our circle is growing. For that I am very grateful. 

Finally, during school breaks we’ve had used every opportunity to travel. Short trips, long trips, road trips and day trips, trips to sports tournaments and visiting family. Lot’s of mileage added to our books.

And finally tomorrow: Report Cards!!! A’s and B’s. It’s all good. I am so grateful. With all the goodness there was one area that we had no control over. Over the course of this last year we’ve received the ultimate news from Kentucky. Sadly with all of our gains we’ve lost three very cherished members of our American family. May their souls rest in peace… :.(

R.I.P. Butch Sr., Grandma Florence and most recently our beloved Aunt Ivy… You will be missed – always.

The good and the bad add up to a potpourri of our life. A life I am grateful for. A life I cherish & hope to hold on to just a little longer than time allows… So much to do, to see, to achieve still. To all that I am looking forward to. For all that I was fortunate to see and to experience I feel grateful. I am blessed.

Thank you God for my life.




DIY rocks

The gift I give the most! A zippered pouch!

I sew these a lot! In fact, every girl or woman who knows me has most likely gotten one of these as a gift, a small thank you, a get-well soon or simply because! I love making these, I love giving these and I also love love love using these. Currently in my purse: one of these in handmade, one in leather giving to me by the Mr. and one faux leather to complete the trio. The best part about the handmade one is that I can toss it in the washing machine if need be.  Extra bonus! I’ve started making these back in 2012 when I first got my hands on a pattern but even without any major pattern piece or detailed instruction you can whip one up in 15 minutes!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a piece of your favorite fabric for the outside
  • the same sized in a coordinating fabric as a lining
  • a fusible interfacing (any thickness), I use  a mid-weight #
  • a zipper
  • coordinating thread
  • bonus: a tassel, a pom pom, a piece of ribbon to enhance the zipper pull


I LOVE to read – about sewing that is!!

There is a big beautiful world of sewing bloggers out there that only keeps growing. I keep adding more favorites to my list (see my ‘I like to read‘ page). interestingly enough most of these ladies started a web log for the same reasons – to document their growing portfolio of self made clothes mostly for their little girls who’s birth sparked the fire of DIY in them. My story is the same. I had this beautiful Singer sewing machine since Christmas of 2005, two years prior to my daughter’s birth.


I used it mainly to make pillow cases :-). That’s all I knew how to do. In 2007 I was expecting my first daughter and that summer before her birth the sewing fire in me got a new spark. I went fabric shopping at JoAnn’s and made all her bedding.  All pink!! 🙂 It would have been too easy (& expensive!) to go to Pottery Barn Kids and buy their bassinet & bedding. This special girl needed something one-of-a-kind.


But it wasn’t until the spring of 2008 when I discovered this precious little sewing book that I had found my passion.


Making children’s clothing, especially skirts and dresses!! I love every single page in this book and have sewn many many things from it. The below night dress I have altered many times into tops, dresses and tunics.

photo 4 (15)

I have a feeling that if I ever ventured into pattern making, I’d make this my first! Hello 2015! 🙂

imageimagephoto (1)StellaPolkas

Anyway, ever since that discovery at Barnes & Noble in beautiful Newport Beach I have added several other sewing books to my growing library.

photo (7)

Little did I know then what a huge online world of free patterns and tutorials there was!! So, now my online library of blogs that I read on a daily basis is getting long!

Here are some of my latest finds:

These ladies aren’t just inspiring me to sew more for myself and kids but also take better pictures! That is my priority number one for the rest of the year. I have just sold my first Canon Rebel XS (below) that I owned for many years.


Now I am shopping around for an upgrade and waiting for a sale. The Canon Rebel series comes highly recommended but this time around I need a better lens. So far I am looking at spending $600 with basis lens. The superior lens runs another another $200. With the imminent move overseas (18 days to go but who’s counting?!) But imagine the gorgeous pictures I could be taking on our journey!!! Plus the same camera in Germany is over 600 Euro!! So, getting this purchase out of the way will be wise.

This time I am going to do my due diligence on how to maximize the camera’s many functions and in addition equip myself with a photo processing program. I am determined to make photography my next passion! Thank you ladies of the sewing blogesphere for all the inspiration.



P.S. Looking at the above pictures I am sure you agree: I NEED A NEW CAMERA & better photography skills. Yikes!