Fabric bundle give-away


My first give-away ever and for good reason.

I get so excited when I hear from friends that their little girls want to learn to sew! I was honored to teach a few of them myself but even if I can’t teach every single one of them I’d like to constribute one way or another to their creative journey.

Inspired by my daughter’s soccer buddy Alex who received a sewing machine from Santa last year I am offering my Facebook followers & friends the opportunity to win a fabric-scrap-bundle from YaseminTea today. This is a first for me. All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me your crafty kids’ name and age! That’s it. I’ll randomly select a handful of names and mail out the bundles on Wednesday. By the end of the week your crafty kid can start cutting, pinning, sewing away!

I prepared the bundle above for little Alex. Can’t wait to see what she’ ll make from these. Your bundle will be very similar.

  • At least ten different fabric pieces from a 10″ square to much larger, some ribbon, a handful of pins and much more. There is even a little surprise for the lucky winners. So go ahead and leave a comment!
  • Give-away ends tonight!

Good luck!



P.S. Please note that I can only offer this give-away to folks with a US address. Otherwise, the shipping cost would be way too high. So sorry for this restriction.