I LOVE to read – about sewing that is!!

There is a big beautiful world of sewing bloggers out there that only keeps growing. I keep adding more favorites to my list (see my ‘I like to read‘ page). interestingly enough most of these ladies started a web log for the same reasons – to document their growing portfolio of self made clothes mostly for their little girls who’s birth sparked the fire of DIY in them. My story is the same. I had this beautiful Singer sewing machine since Christmas of 2005, two years prior to my daughter’s birth.


I used it mainly to make pillow cases :-). That’s all I knew how to do. In 2007 I was expecting my first daughter and that summer before her birth the sewing fire in me got a new spark. I went fabric shopping at JoAnn’s and made all her bedding.  All pink!! 🙂 It would have been too easy (& expensive!) to go to Pottery Barn Kids and buy their bassinet & bedding. This special girl needed something one-of-a-kind.


But it wasn’t until the spring of 2008 when I discovered this precious little sewing book that I had found my passion.


Making children’s clothing, especially skirts and dresses!! I love every single page in this book and have sewn many many things from it. The below night dress I have altered many times into tops, dresses and tunics.

photo 4 (15)

I have a feeling that if I ever ventured into pattern making, I’d make this my first! Hello 2015! 🙂

imageimagephoto (1)StellaPolkas

Anyway, ever since that discovery at Barnes & Noble in beautiful Newport Beach I have added several other sewing books to my growing library.

photo (7)

Little did I know then what a huge online world of free patterns and tutorials there was!! So, now my online library of blogs that I read on a daily basis is getting long!

Here are some of my latest finds:

These ladies aren’t just inspiring me to sew more for myself and kids but also take better pictures! That is my priority number one for the rest of the year. I have just sold my first Canon Rebel XS (below) that I owned for many years.


Now I am shopping around for an upgrade and waiting for a sale. The Canon Rebel series comes highly recommended but this time around I need a better lens. So far I am looking at spending $600 with basis lens. The superior lens runs another another $200. With the imminent move overseas (18 days to go but who’s counting?!) But imagine the gorgeous pictures I could be taking on our journey!!! Plus the same camera in Germany is over 600 Euro!! So, getting this purchase out of the way will be wise.

This time I am going to do my due diligence on how to maximize the camera’s many functions and in addition equip myself with a photo processing program. I am determined to make photography my next passion! Thank you ladies of the sewing blogesphere for all the inspiration.



P.S. Looking at the above pictures I am sure you agree: I NEED A NEW CAMERA & better photography skills. Yikes!