Having a ‘ball’ in November

2018 was definitely the year of the volunteer. PTA work has always been a priority for me ever since Isaiah started Kindergarten back in Newport Coast in 2010. There are many opportunities to get involved at school both in the US and here in Germany. From baking a cake for open house or a fundraiser to organizing the annual OPEN HOUSE or a fundraiser – there is something for everyone! In my case – as I don’t bake much – the organizing of such events to benefit the whole school community is the thing to do! 2018 was probably the most eventful year of all my years of being a parent volunteer.

  • January 2018: annual new student’s information night
  • February 2018: Open House
  • March 2018: parent-teacher conferences, initial meeting of the planning of our Principal’s goodbye celebrations (more about this huge event here)
  • April 2018: start sewing 40 tunics for the good-bye celebrations
  • May 2018: theater and musical
  • June 2018: Matinee for principal and sewing of god & goddess gowns
  • August 2018: new student greeting buffet
  • September 2018: Coastal Cleanup, and the biggest fundraiser  of our school: Sponsorenlauf 2018! (see here)
  • October 2018: 3-week fall break! 🙂 (see here)
  • November 2018: Student’s Ball
  • December 2018: Christmas with the usual meetings and decorations as well as gift giving. (see separate post here)

As I’ve recapped most events here in separate posts before I’ll dedicated this post to the November ball. This tradition at my kid’s school is that the current student body organizes a ball in November for students from grade 9 and up. Teachers and alumni and students from other schools are also welcome to attend.

Since my kids are still in the lower grades I hadn’t paid much attention to the happenings of this annual event in previous years.  But this year having had the great pleasure of being involved in multiple events with the current student body I ended up helping out with the setting of this special event. The students voted for a elegant red carpet theme. It helped that they are great dancers here all trained formally at the ages of 15 or 16. So HOLLYWOOD with it’s gowns and tuxedos was very fitting.

The stage was set. We had about 10 days to exchange ideas and in good old DIY fashion I headed to the local home improvement store – multiple times… picked up lots of gold & glitter and started spraying, sewing, painting, drilling …!


I have to admit I really enjoyed every step of this process. It helps that the students are incredibly positive, respectful and full of good vibes at the same time they are very talented and competent as well. I literally got inspired by them as I intended to motivate them! We planned together, we worked together and finally we danced the night away! I even enjoyed the clean-up the next morning. What a joy these three young people: Julia, Tim & Moritz! It’s a shame they are graduating this year… I’ll miss them very much and will remember ‘our ball’ forever!




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