Spring has sprung – even in our neck of the woods

So grateful for this break after what felt like the longest winter. The cold, the snow, the snow and more snow but most importantly the bitter cold! Now spring. Longer days. A few more degrees on the thermometer. One final snowy day and then finally the trees in bloom. Thank God for the seasons!

To make the most out of warmer days to come I finally headed to the bike shop not for child 1, 2 or 3 but this time for ME! It’s obvious Holland left me inspired. All those young and old people on the coolest bikes speeding through the tiniest streets!!

Our city is pretty bike friendly in comparison so I really had no more reason to wait but go ahead and buy that bike. I knew it had to be retro. It couldn’t be black. It had to have a basket or leather detail… And voila! My pride & joy! I told the kids I’m gonna go ahead and create a Instagram profile just for my bike. I have so many ideas for photos with this yellow gorgeous new companion of mine. Well, ok, I won’t create a profile just for my bike but it has its own hashtag! #myyellowretrobike !! And I also created a board on Pinterest with some great inspiration!

Now if only it stopped raining so I can have a picnic with the kids to the botanical garden I’d be a happy bike-lady. The upside to this delay in weather gives me a chance to sit & sort through our spring break pictures and today even left enough time to make a cake with child #2! Yummy!

With one more chance to sleep-in tomorrow I am bracing myself for two busy weeks of school and my volunteer activities there until the glorious month of May with seasonal allergies left behind and an additional day-off each week!

Hope you’ll find a sunny spot this spring!



P.S. This was our third trip to Utrecht! This city doesn’t disappoint!