I love to sew: SKIRTS!

Over the years I’ve sewn a lot of skirts! It’s fair to say that it has been my favorite garment to sew. It’s also no exaggeration that skirts are the reason why I continue to sew. Having two girls to sew for is motivating but the fact that skirts are a fast sew, versatile to wear and give me plenty of room to express my creativity make them my go-to garment to sew!

I love the endless options in length – mini, midi, maxi … I love the drape: full, pencil, wrap, circle, layered… I love also that I can pretty much use any kind of fabric to make a skirt – even an old table cloth would do! 🙂  Fabrics can be light and breezy like tissue cotton, they can be crisp like linen or woven for fall and winter. Also knits are a great option for a cozy, roomy piece of garment for the active kids.

I sometimes use solid colors and add ribbon for a pop of color. I like to layer fabrics for extra warms and volume and sometimes take out my math formula to make the twirliest of twirly skirts: The circle skirt!

Most skirts can be sewn from a rectangle of fabric and a piece of elastic the length of a child’s waist. Skirts can be worn over leggings, tights, with boots or sandals… Even tomboys wear skirts! 🙂

For me the sewing part is certainly very satisfying but the fabric shopping is equally as fun.

I especially love this soft denim with little ballerinas on it. I made of for each of my girls best buddies, too!

The only question remains: Would you like to wear a Yasemin Tea – Skirt, too?