Mallorca for Christmas 2017

This holiday we changed it up. No decorating the halls, buying dozens of presents, wrapping them in yards and yards of pretty paper only to rip them open on Christmas Day.

This year we decided to skip the last day of school and hop on the plane. A smooth 2,5-hour flight later…

… we arrived in 11 degrees Celsius and blue skies. To us habitants of North Germany 11 feels like summer!!!

The sight of blue skies & palm trees are like heaven!

A quick stop at the empty car rental place and we are off to explore this Balearic island.

Our first hotel  was located in Platja de Palma. A welcome drink and this pink Christmas decor sure made the Mosbys feel welcomed.

Our room(s) with a view of the pool…

… but the beach across the street was still the highlight of the day.

The promenades were empty.

We had the beaches to ourselves.

The few open cafes served enough caffeine to fuel us for the long walks by the ocean.

Breakfast at the Ginger on the promenade before leaving the beach on the third day towards the north-west to the town of Deià.

Our apartment in Deià with the green shutters immediately felt like home.

The olive trees and of course the heavy citrus trees.

We didn‘t feel the need to do much here other than just be, look, admire, breath…

… and  get some groceries of course! How cute is this corner shop!!! 🙂

Christmas is just around the corner.

From our family to yours,

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