16 more opportunities to make the most of the rest of 2017

I am typically not the one to be excited about change or embracing new things immediately but somehow the end of the year gives me so much to look back at and feel grateful. There are 16 more days in 2017 and I can find at least 16 reasons to feel joyful and grateful and happy about 2017:

  1. My family


2. My health

3. All of the 58 times I made time to go running in the morning this year (rain or shine)!

4. Sunshine in August

5. Swimming in the Baltic Sea right in front of our door

6. Göteburg in January

7. Paris in April

8. Aarhus in August

9. New soccer coaches for Isaiah in June & new teammates who became instant best friends

10. Baby Mats to hold and cuddle!

11. New projects started and completed at KGS – my kid’s middle & high school

12. My aunts

13. My sister Züby’s visit in June

14. Seda’s school transfer and all of the wonderful things she gets to see learn every day like Latin, science camp etc.

15. Staying healthy all year – feeling fitter this year than the year’s past

16. Trading the snow in Kiel for sunshine in Mallorca for Christmas!

This blog has been a really nice way for me to reflect on all of life’s beauty and bounty. I keep a journal yet this place is my digital summary full of pictures to save for my children. I hope that I can be an example for them to be a grateful human being.



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