The making of … KGS Weihnachtsmarkt 2017

All good things start with the right intention and lots of heart! As did this year’s Christmas fundraiser at my kid’s school. I am a sucker for Christmas – and I love children – not just mine but all children, and I love education and above all I LOVE to organize: things, people, events, cupboards, you name it!  Soooooo when asked if I’d be interested in hosting the KGS Christmas Bazaar in 2017 I said: Of course!!! YES! Absolutely!! A match made in heaven! To be given the opportunity to serve my community via my kid’s school, to put together a concept, let my creative juices flow, bring together talented people and along the way shop for fabric and other beautiful things makes my heart beat faster!!! I’ve started conceptualizing way back in summer, shop fabric markets, browsed Pinterest and started sewing up a storm! The fabric that was the hit this year for me:

I made dozens of fabric pouches for both my son’s 7th grade class and also the same amount for my daughters 5th grade.

But pretty fabric alone doesn’t make for a successful fundraiser. It also takes a lot of involved parents! Parents who donated their time and energy to advance planning and behind the scene work. It also takes a very dedicated student body council and a huge dose of holiday spirit to kick off a huge event such as the KGS Christmas Bazaar (#kgsweihnachtsmarkt).

At my kid’s school the 5th through 7th grader are involved in the bazaar part of the event while the 8th graders are in charge of manning the cafe!

At this point I’d like to thank the very talented Judith for creating this poster and really giving this event the polished look that it deserved: Thank you Judith for bringing your clever design and professionalism to the table!

A huge ‘Thank you’ to Katy from 5 b and Alexa from 7 a! You two were life savers for me! I honestly would not have been able to manage the set-up from noon til 3pm without your help. You are amazing! Thank you!

No Christmas is complete without the perfect tree! Our was by far the most beautiful fir tree in the city of Kiel! It was donated & hand delivered by the owner of  Gut Augustenhof himself!! Thank you Rixa once again!!

One person who has been by my side – literally throughout this whole planning phase – is my dear Elke! Elke has been my rock since I was a teenager. Her impeccable style, her love of beautiful things and her endless positive energy are contagious! I loved coming up with this year’s color theme: red & white! with you. I love how we picked a beautiful fabric to get digitized and then printed on card stock to make paper ornaments.


Elke spent a whole day with me decorating this 7 foot tree! She wouldn’t rest until each ornament had found it’s perfect place on the tree. I will cherish this experience as long as I live! Thank you ELKE!!! Love you!

One more fun thing during the fundraiser was the raffle that the student body council organised. They raised additional funds for their graduation. They sold a whooping 266 tickets and one lucky winner got to take the jackpot home!


We used the random number generator app to pick a winner: ticket #156 you go home with the awesome jackpot!

Last but not least, I would like to mention what an absolute delight it was to work together with possibly the best teacher in the entire world: Herr Krause! I will look back at this time in my life some day and know that I’ve had the best time of my life!

With a grateful heart,

Yasemin Mosby

P.S. Here’s a few of the beautiful photos other parents sent me of their classrooms:

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