Christmas came early for us this year

We got into the spirit of the holidays early this year. It’s because I am hosting the school’s holiday bazaar this year on December 1st. It’s no surprise with such a huge responsibility on my plate that I started working on putting the pieces together back in the summer. Especially with a huge piece being the production of handmade goods I was quite busy perusing Pinterest for the cutest Christmas ideas to purchasing unique holiday fabrics to actually making some useful yet cute little presents. Also, having a fifth grader AND a seventh grader at the school my workload has doubled. In addition, the organisation and putting all the puzzle pieces together as I collect 9 different classes input plus the cafeteria plus the student reps raffle and involvement AND the premiere of our new school uniform samples are a list as long as Santa’s. In all this planning and making and doing I felt the urge to have to plan a little get-away at the end of it all and so we did. On the last day of school this year we are flying south! The Island of Majorca, a very popular destination for us sun-deprived North Europeans is the choice of the season. Knowing that this ‘prize’ is at the end of this long tunnel of ‘work’ is very motivating to give it all I got. It’s quite exhilarating to put all senses to work and ‘make’ things which has always brought me lots of pleasure. Also, being able to serve a huge school community AND have fun along the way is pretty satisfying. It makes me stop and be grateful for this opportunity to be creative and hopefully inspiring to others which has always been my biggest intention. The preparations for the bazaar have occupied my free time since pretty much the summer and all through fall break and every single day since then but having this event come together so beautifully with the help of lots of involved and talented parents as well as supportive teachers it is a nice little ‘reward’ to know that we will be on the plane heading to the Balearic Islands with the school bell on the last day of school this year. So grateful to have a final opportunity to travel in 2017. It has been a year with quite a bit of travel. Actually, January 1st 2017 we were on the road and it seems like December 31st of 2017 will be just the same.

  • Work hard, travel a lot and enjoy life – surely the motto of 2017!

For the first time in school’s history I’ve also promoted this event via the social media. I am excited to see the creative output of all 5th, 6th and 7th graders. Here’s some of what I made with my kids for their classrooms:


These cute notebooks are made with donated high-end wallpaper samples and the help of two simple staples! I love how they turned out and how each student added their personal touch to each one.

In addition to the hand and homemade pieces we will premiere a new school uniform. This has been another fun project that I got to be involved from conception to execution. I can’t wait to see how they sell and then see the students actually wear them, too…

Until Friday my goal is to rest, recuperate, try not to catch a cold, get extra sleep, stay organized and have a positive attitude so I can serve my community to my best ability.

Pictures and post-event analysis to follow next week.

Let’s get this party started!




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