Fall break, nature walks and gratitude

Things are running at a much smoother tempo than in September. The leaves are all kinds of yellow, ocker, red and brown and every shade in between. Lots of moisture and mushrooms. Then two weeks off

  • sweater weather
  • scarves are back
  • pack the umbrella
  • pumpkin spice
  • first sighting of Christmas candy
  • long walks

  • colorful foliage: red, yellow, orange, purple and brown

  • shorter days
  • leaf raking

  • slippery roads
  • acorns
  • breezy
  • first storms
  • cider
  • chilly weather
  • fog
  • squirrels busy season

  • spiders
  • rain coats and quilts

And the list goes on and on. My list of gratefulness is just as long as well:

  • fall break
  • cute fashion statements

  • warmer colors

  • celebrating each hour that the sun shines

  • grateful to survive the storms without any travel delays or harm to friends and family
  • brisk walks in cool air

  • running by the fjord

  • guilt-free sewing

  • fall fabric market in town

  • sewing Christmas presents – way ahead of schedule!


  • redecorating

  • candle light
  • warm blankets
  • longer sleep


Fall break 2017 and a few surprise beach days…


And another beach day with my nephews!

A shopping trip via train to Hamburg – our favorite destination!

To be in the flow – that’s what the fall breaks are for and that’s what we did! 🙂

Grateful for all of this beauty in my life. Ready for a long winter…



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