Summer sewing & September parties

From the first day of September until the last it’s go-time for this Mama. From party prep to school supply shopping, from baking to sewing, from ‘please-one-more-day-of-sunshine’ to ‘Where the hell did the last 6 weeks go?!’ September is the it-month for me. It is the most dreaded, most expensive, busiest, head spinning, back-to-business month of all 12 months of the year. Although, it’s all things I love: planning events, decorating the house, sewing gifts, cooking & baking etc. It all comes at once. It is all mingled in with a new school year or a new school, new timetables, new teachers, sometimes even parents etc. etc. You’d think I’d be used to it by now but I am not – I might never be! It’s those lazy days in August where I fill my tanks and rest up and even allow myself to be lazy that get me through September in one piece.

I started my summer sewing by making these nautical pouches as teacher gifts. They are the perfect size for small necessities to take along to the beach or the pool. But they can also accommodate a cute notebook and some pencils.

This cute zippered pouch was a perfect gift for my neighbor. She celebrated her birthday at this super cool and cozy cafe called ‘Elefant am Strand’. Right after her birthday she headed to the island for a little vacay so I packed her pouch with some travel utensils.

Finally, I used my favorite denim fabric remnant with sail boats to make a gift for my friend Elke’s 75th birthday. She traveled to an island in the North Sea and happens to be a fan of all sailboats, anchor, fish etc.

Then it was time for an in-house birthday celebration! Seda was up first. Daddy is ready and in position for his job:

Daddy is ready and in position for his job. Camera – Action – Shoot!

10 girlfriends, 10 white pencil cases and lots of creative juice. The dozen white pencil cases with the bright zippers were transformed into little pieces of art. All one of a kind. All very personal.

Even Stella was in on the fun and did a little magic with a brush:


After a good nights sleep post partying, it was time for the next big event in Seda’s life: The first day of middle school!

Such an emotional day for us but additionally a huge balancing act organizationally as well. I was in charge of the reception at school which hosted the parents & grandparents of 80 plus new students!! But with the assistance of our awesome student reps we were able to put together a really nice reception ‘al fresco’!

A week or so later, birthday number two: Stella-bella turned 5! Over the summer we had been collecting a bunch of cool rocks in Heidkate – our favorite beach around here.

We decided to put a little paint on it to turn them into real treasures:

I bought up all the colorful shovels that were left in the stores and sewed some simple totes for each party guest:

Stella was very excited all day while she waited for her party to finally start at 3 pm:

They sang, they laughed and they dined like big people.

Then they each took turns giving Stella her present:

Once each present was carefully opened and the giver thanked dutifully we all headed to the park to dig up some treasures…

Towards the end of September it was the boy’s turn to be celebrated.

This one was a little harder for me – emotionally. I gave it a lot of thought. Didn’t want to spoil but didn’t want to forget how 13 years ago a little chubby baby born on his due date made me a mommy. I am grateful that all the effort and the thinking that went into making him feel special on his birthday was very well received.

13 Things that make you special:

  1. You are a great brother to your little sister(s)
  2. You are a good student!
  3. You are on time!
  4. You have great memory!
  5. You are athletic.
  6. You play soccer so beautifully.
  7. You are handsome.
  8. Your taste is impeccable.
  9. You take good pictures.
  10. You are bilingual.
  11. You are funny.
  12. You are charming.
  13. You are YOU!

Happy 13th birthday!


Mom, Dad, Seda & Stella


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