August 2017

I love August! This month has been simply awesome. I love having the kids around me. I love making plans, having no plan, traveling some but mostly enjoying the beaches in our neck of the woods. Everyone stays up late, and sleeps in as well. I love when the kids have friends over. Sunshine or not – it stays light out until almost 10 pm!

It’s easy to have a grateful heart at a time like this when the blessings are abundant. My book of gratefulness is filling up quicker than ever. It’s nice to have the time to write. I feel inspired by the beach as well as by listening to: Oprah’ Super Soul Sunday – Conversations on iTunes when we are home. The beach though , it has become our refuge especially the beach in Heidkate which is only 20 miles from home.

This quite strip of beach on the east side of the fjord is our favorite hang out spot this summer.


Being able to hang out here almost daily to do a little yoga, or run barefoot, to play ball with Isaiah or watch Stella dig in the sand, the brace the 16 to 18 degree water and splash in the water with Seda… It’s like a spa visit sans the huge price tag! 🙂

This summer we have time to pursue our hobbies – for me that’s sewing of course but also writing and reading too. It’s also exercising outdoors, listening to music. My playlist is 100% inspired by my children! I have to admit they got good taste!

Summers are also for watching the night sky. This year August has spoiled us with a partial moon eclipse as well as dozens of shooting stars from the Perseid meteor showers. There were so many on the night of August 12th – I didn’t even have enough wishes to make. So I wished the same wish twice! 🙂

What an awesome experience. This summer break we are filling up our empty Vitamin D tanks and improving our hand stands!

Summers are for:

  • long library visits, lots of movies and books, light dinners and late breakfasts and visiting museums, happy kids, no set bedtimes, lots of bonding and laughter

In Kiel summers are also good for sailboat watching and ferry rides.

For me summers are for blogging in bed, bikinis, beach bodies and fitness. And of course summers are for ICE CREAM!

I thank God for this time in my life to bond & grow with my children.



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