We love Denmark, Summer 2017

Our neighbors to the north are one friendly, relaxed kind of people. They even have a word for their chilled mood: Hygge! You get a taste of that whether you travel to it’s larger cities or the quaint Baltic or North Sea beach towns. Denmark is a cool place to go. It’s very convenient for us up here in the North of Germany. By car is quick by train quick, convenient and affordable – let alone comfortable… So it was the train we took to travel to Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, the first week of summer break.

With a population of roughly 250K people similar to Kiel, Aarhus was the perfect mix of culture and relaxation. Again, danish people are generally relaxed anyway so a good way to start of our break.

Back in 2013 we traveled to Copenhagen from the US and we loved it.

ARoS Museum: From their website: (Welcome to ARoS Aarhus Art Museum – one of Europe’s largest art museums situated in the heart of Aarhus. 

ARoS is a house of art where our guests can be pleased, enlightened and challenged. The architecture is of international class. The same is the art. And both offer experiences of high carat: from light to thrill, from attitude to entertainment, from joy to challenge.


The art museum contains four large exhibition galleries of just under 1,100 square meters and The West Gallery with its 350 square meters.  Each gallery shows special exhibitions with both national and international artist such as Bill Viola, Olafur Eliasson, Wim Wenders, Paul McCarthy, Shirin Neshat and Robert Rauschenberg. Besides the special exhibitions the galleries give the opportunity to view works from the museum’s own collections featuring work dated from 1770 until today including contemporary works by international artists such as Tony Oursler, Carsten Höller, Mona Hatoum, Miwa Yanagi and James Turrell.

In addition international light-, video- and installation art are presented in the special exhibitions section “The 9 Rooms” in the basement.

In May 2011 the spectacular Your panorama rainbow opened on top of the museum. The unique project is made by Studio Olafur Eliasson, Berlin. 

7th April 2004 was the official opening of ARoS in the presence, among other dignitaries, of the museum’s Patron Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II. The event marked a new era in the museum’s almost 150-year history. Four different buildings in Aarhus have been home to Aarhus Kunstmuseum since it was founded in 1859. ARoS Aarhus Art Museum in Aros Allé at the heart of Aarhus is the fourth.)

Ron Mueck’s BOY: The Australian artist Ron Mueck’s (b. 1958) sculpture Boy has become one of the landmarks of the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. Measuring 4.5 metres in height and weighing in at 500 kg, the crouching youth of gargantuan proportions occupies the northern end of the museum’s special exhibitions foyer.

Toril Johannessen’s exhibit was just what my fabric-loving heart craved – yards and yards of brightly printed fabric!

(The Norwegian artist Toril Johannessen (born 1978) works in a wide range of artistic media. Her cross-media workflow is expressed in her monotonous expression, consisting of photos, sculptural elements, drawings and text.  Toril Johannessen’s works have been exhibited on numerous international art scenes, and she has participated in the Istanbul Biennale and Documenta in recent years.)

Adjacent to the ARos museum Aarhus’ open-air museum is located inside of the botanical garden.

Den Gamle By:

From their website: (Den Gamle By (The Old Town) is a national open-air museum of urban history and culture in Denmark through three decades. The museum consists of more than 75 historic houses relocated from all over Denmark. Besides the historic houses and the appartments in the 1974 section, there are more than 34 workshops and shops as well as a pharmacy, a school, a post office, a telephone exchange, a jazzbar and much more. Furthermore the museum has its own theater, the Elsinore Theatre, which is used for opera, chamber concerts, festivals etc.)

With all the walking and sight-seeing lots of coffee breaks were in order. We loved the pricey but really yummy (organic) food at Emmery’s: 

And the super healthy sandwiches and juices from Joe&The Juice:

Even my favorite Danish shop which was founded in Aarhus had a cafe in it: Sostrene Grene

On our last day we walked through the university park to the Natural History museum:

No doubt, we love Denmark! Until next time.



(Thank you #zayadaplaya for taking most of the pics on this trip – at least most of the COOL pics!) 🙂

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