Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air and it brings back the light and with it rises the desire of fresh floral fabrics in bright colors! Skirts and dresses in airy light fabrics… This weekend I answered spring’s call and spent Friday through Sunday in front of my beloved sewing machine. The results:

I’ve made several skirts as gifts – can you say spring birthdays! – and some for my girls, too. Not that they needed any more clothes but just a little boost of last year’s wardrobe with a skirt or two… 🙂

Spring is also a good time to get a head start on some cleaning. For me making new clothes also mean getting rid of old ones. I filled several garbage bags full  and donated to Goodwill. Fortunately, this year we were able to hand some down to Seda’s smaller friends – and this girl’s got friends! 🙂

Even the living room got a make-over. I had ordered a new sectional at the beginning of 2017. Finally, it’s delivery is scheduled for this week! Hurray for that!

So, the old ones have to find new homes quickly!! Thanks local eBay! The living room is going to get a huge face lift with this purchase and I’m going to have a blast redecorating with new pillows and throws and maybe a new carpet too!! 🙂 I’ll be glad to get rid of the two white two-seaters. It’s been an endless stripping, washing, drying and the hassle of putting the covers back onto the cushions for almost three years now. Kind of a pain in the neck I have to admit.

So bye-bye white sofas!

Another fun new beginning this season has brought is my little girl’s group: CraftyLadies! My two good pals and I have finally found time to get together (without our little ones!!!) one morning to craft our hearts out! It was so fun to see what each of us would be doing. Vio painted on canvas, Yuko did this amazing Japanese zentangle and I got a head start on my knitting! Ahhhhhh knitting is so much fun and a lot less strenuous on my wrists, too!! Oh, we even had a new friend join us on short notice. She had a toddler with her so no handwork for her other than chase her little girl around my place. We are already scheduled to meet again this week! Hoping my pregnant sister in law will join us. I am planning on making these simple bibs for her new baby.

All of us have a different craft that we like to work on. It’s super productive and very inspirational. Can’t wait to see where this little group will go from here. So fun.




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