The year 2016 – part one

Christmas season is upon us. Temperatures are low, light is rare, people bundle up when they leave their cozy homes. I have one word to describe this year: Speed! It’s already December and I am in awe of the speed of this year. What a fast year! What have we learned? Somehow rest wasn’t a big part of this year. Things got done. Things got done fast! Schedules were fuller than ever. A daily blur of drop-offs and pick-ups, playdates, breakfasts, packed lunches, and dinners! Lots and lots of cleaning, and then some more … God, I thank you for blessing me with a big family. I am grateful for all the buzzing around me but the speed of it all this year in particular is enough to make you feel dizzy… I am hoping to be productive next year but more in the moment and less rushed. Get a lot done but prioritize and schedule enough rest for the soul. This year’s most-memorable events were:

January: Started the usual way … Easy. Then back to school and back to sports. Butch returning to the US, temps are more freezing than ever, sports indoors … Tackling the big haunting task of changing health insurance companies and finding the best deal for our family. I think it would have been easier to get a green card to America than dealing with this endless paperwork and bureaucracy… The multiple phone calls, internet research, in person meetings and various sets of paperwork later – finally! They approved us for a change in the second quarter of the year … I understand that our family’s unique situation of having the bread winner live in a non-EU country and us living here makes things really complicated  but for goodness sake… What a hassle!!


P1010238 IMG_0862 (1)


To get away from it and at the same time surprise my aunt for her birthday we visited Berlin – in the winter! So fun! Great little first get-away of the year. Just as a side note, I started working one morning a week at the Mediendom office of the university were my former physics teacher is the boss. Fun and new venture but a huge balancing act to be a part-time single mom to three and still manage to squeeze it all in. Needless to say my fitness was the one area of sacrifice. To have my mom watch Stella those morning when I went to work prove not to be the ideal situation as well so the search for the perfect preschool for our littlest was more than high on my priority list…


February: Work, work, work, work and more work! But eat least daddy came back towards the end of the month – a huge relief.


March: Temps starting rising and with that everyone’s mood and overall well-being! We made up for all the hours spend indoors the last couple of months by pretty much staying our – ALL DAY LONG!! When it’s nice, it’s really nice here I have to say. Being by the water helps a lot too!! Isaiah got a bike which made him more flexible to get around to school and to soccer. Freed up my time every day. And then finally spring break! We took lots of near and far trips: Lübeck, Serengeti Park, and finally Oslo aboard our favorite Color Line!!

P1020292 P1020286





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Then finally summer!

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