Making juggling balls

It was a week before Christmas – a lazy Sunday afternoon at the Mosby household when a playful 12-year old boy, a super creative nine-year old girl and one very ambitious four-year old helper went on a mission to make their own juggling balls. The previously used mandarins and lemons to practice were strictly forbidden by a tired mommy-of-three …  way too much sticky fruit juice scattered on the floors when the citrus fruits would be dropped.

The kids decided to make our own with as little to no help from their. First they drafted a simple leaf-shaped pattern on paper and started tracing it on felt, two in yellow and two in green.

Seda sewed them together on the sewing machine making sure to leave a small opening to poor the rice into later.

Stella loved this part so much. First she used a small plastic cup but then switched to a tiny espresso spoon! She’s so clever. One Stella felt like enough rice corns had made it into the ‘fish mouth’ she handed the ball back to Seda who then hand stitched the opening closed.

And then it went one, two, there and they had enough balls for the first round. Isaiah immediately started practicing his juggling and before the girls were done with a basket full of balls he had it figured out. He even made a little video of his new skill putting some music to it as well.

This was such a fun project. I’m glad my love of handmade is rubbing off on the kids!! 🙂

And here the video my big guy made showing off his juggling skills:


I hope that we’ll have more of these lazy but very creative bonding Sundays real soon.



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