Summer 2016


Summer 2016. A different kind of summer. Boys are off. They left for the US a week ago. A boys bonding trip while us girls are staying home with lots of quality time to spend together and with our friends.


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No schedules, no early bedtimes, no alarm clocks…  It’s been what I longed for. The past two years have been particularly busy. Settling down in Germany, kids learning the language, finding the perfect schools, changing schools, finding sports clubs, making friends all while traveling near and far exploring this side of the world. I’ve enjoyed the hustle & bustle thoroughly. Such a contrast to the last two years in the US.


The north Texas life with a brand new baby to add to our family of four had been rather quiet and lonely – a typical suburban life… I love living in this vibrant city – my birth town- by the sea with lots of nature. Even if the summers are rather cool the ample fresh (sea) air makes up for it!

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A summer spent here, at home, without any travel is certainly no punishment. I had been longing for a slower pace, a shorter to-do-list and more time to finish each item on the list. Just a week before the break I sense this calm vibe and decided to not make any plans and push all thoughts of travel aside. I stocked up on a few random novels at the local bookstore. Reading a good ol’ book has indeed been on my wish list. My first read this summer: ‘The Christmas Cafe’ by Amanda Prowse. So simple and beautiful. I got only a few dozen pages to go before I indulge in the next book that awaits my attention on the night stand.


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I am glad for this peaceful time in my life. It’s only the second week of our 6-week break and I love every minute of it!



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P.S. The boys send pictures daily of their adventures in the US. Isaiah has been having a grand ol’ time with his daddy. His soccer skills have been put to good use and helped bring home a first-place in a tournament! Can’t wait to hear his recap of this 4-week-away-from-home experience! What a great way to grow up! Lucky boy!


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