Work, work, work, work, work


This year I got a taste of what it feels like to be a working mom. All these years of dedicating my time to being at home with the kids where the best years of my life – no question about it. It wasn’t always a walk in the park as you can imagine. I kept myself busy trying to be as curious about the kid’s environment, their social life, their preschool as well as their school lives which left very little time to myself. In the thick of it I would daydream being trapped in a room full of beautiful fabric and a well-oiled sewing machine for a day … ahhhh, the possibilities and the creative space… Little did I know that the future held a whole nother layer of business – busyness for me in store.

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The last two years since our move to Germany getting acquainted with our new town, the new home, the new school(s) and the new friends & neighbors took up all our time.


Now, two years into living here we have a child in Middle School, one in Elementary and now the baby in preschool … On top of that I took on a job! A real paying job at a real workplace, with real colleagues, coffee machines and cooler talks … My life is a whole nother kind of busy right now.


My days now have 25 hours, sleep is a sweet memory and the phone doesn’t have an off-button…

If I ever felt the need to thank my mom it is this moment that puts it all into perspective for me … her sacrifice, her dedication and her very alert mind. No wonder she never had a hobby when we were growing up. How could she? She raised four of us mostly by herself – always rushing from work to the market then home to drop of the goods and back out to some school related appointment. Thanks MOM! Really, I mean it. Thanks for putting yourself second.


Now, a couple of months into this new reality I am still trying to make it all fit into 24 hours and at the same time take a moment to appreciate it all as well. I love that I was giving the opportunity to live to see my kids prosper. Isaiah is incredibly responsible and helpful with his youngest sister and is becoming a young adult right in front of our eyes…

IMG_5902 P1040838

and Seda is a social butterfly with no time to complain.




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Stella has made the biggest leap this spring. She actually goes to preschool now and loves it! That might not sound like a big deal to you but when we gave preschool a try last fall after her third birthday I was convinced that this kid had to be home schooled – which is not possible in Germany, by the way. I was certain that she would NEVER be able to separate from me. Then we took a break, then I did more research and more inquiring with other moms and then we waited. Waited for the time to be just right. Now, at a different preschool, within a week this little 3.5-year-old has been on three field trips including one with a ferry and have grown to LOVE preschool and all her new friends ages 2.5 thru 5.

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What a difference a few months make – for ALL of us. But to see it through a preschooler’s eyes really makes it precious and joyful. Everything is so temporary. Everything is so fragile. What a gift it is to wake up every day to see one’s children grow.



On our two-year-anniversary I can only take this moment to thank the universe for this growth – for this life!