Let’s go 2016!


It’s only – or ALREADY! the 25th of January but three weeks into this new year sure feel like three months to me. Back to school, back to work, back to the US and a super serious flu virus sweeping through our otherwise healthy home took a toll on all of us. This weather with temperatures below the freezing point for three weeks straight and the hot indoor air blowing from the heaters in the house just got us all cabin fevered. It’s official: I DO NOT like winter!!! There you have it! I said it. It is especially painful when you are sick and have to force yourself through this freezing weather…

Two out of three kids were sick 🙁



One trooper stayed healthy!


The best medicine against the flu is still fresh air and sunshine of which we didn’t see much of but when we did we made sure to bundle up and enjoy it!



One fun cold weather activity: Ice skating with friends!

IMG_3599 (1)

First time on the ice for this little penguin:

IMG_0862 (1)IMG_0861

Back indoors girls busied themselves with water color:

IMG_3715 (1)IMG_3714 (1)

While Isaiah skipped soccer practice several times due to his fever Seda added an additional day of practice to her game. She’s excited about her first-ever tournament coming up in March!


And on another positive note, right before my birthday came around all of us were healthy again and ready to get on the road to enjoy the day in my favorite city: HAMBURG!






P1010267 P1010271

We visited the Miniatur Wunderland in Hafen City for the first time and were so impressed by the amount of details!

P1010281 P1010301

After the museum we warmed up at our favorite nearby tea house with scones & clotted cream (Meßmer Tee Momentum) just like last year:


But no Hamburg visit would be complete without a good old American burger at Better Burger Company:

IMG_3856 (1) IMG_3857 IMG_3860

My birthday weekend was complete when the temps climbed way above the freezing point and the girls and I could be outside and get a good use of my new camera:





Peace & love friends!

Happy new year!


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