September: family, friendship, school & celebrations

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Just like that summer is over and we are back to school and with that back to a jam-packed calendar. First off Seda started 3rd grade at a new school – the same one I attended back in 1982! Yikes, I am old!!

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The same week Seda turned 8! Daddy arrived that afternoon and made her day (and ours too) perfect!

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Seda celebrated her birthday will ALL of her female classmates and what can I say … it was absolutely lovely! Seda and I worked on the favors during the summer and the girls really really liked them.

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Isaiah too had lots of reason for excitement and happiness. He is now a middle school student at one of Kiel’s best middle & high schools – not the one I was lucky enough to attend back in the 90’s but probably an even better one just a short scooter ride from home.

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He too turned a year older in September and got to celebrate like a young tween with his team mates from soccer on a Friday night. They sure are growing up too fast, waaaaay too fast! Seeing all of the boys sitting together kind of made me have a flash forward to what they’ll be like 10 or even 20 years from now. It really makes me emotional – in a good way. So proud of them and glad to see Isaiah be part of an amazing team!



Right there between the big kids birthdays our ‘baby’ Stella turned 3!! Yes 1,2,3! :-//

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And she too followed in the big kid’s steps and started school as well! I sure wasn’t ready for it!!! What a bitter sweet day to see her proudly put on her little (mommy-made backpack) and march off to school… It was all a little too much for my heart to take. Thankfully Butch was there for all of it but Stella’s first day at her preschool. But I think Stella and I handled it pretty well, at least Stella did. :-/



The mornings are dedicated to learning for all three little Mosbys. But their afternoon program is no walk in the park either. Isaiah is in full swing of soccer three times a week and weekend games and athletic test etc. He plays the piano and does an extra hour of German a week. Seda continues her ballet and is now officially member of our tennis club! Butch – I mean SEDA is very excited to swing a racket with her girls! She continues to play the guitar and joined her school choir. She has philosophy class and one extra hour of German as well.


Oh, dear September, you are definetly the it-month for us Mosbys. You are pretty tough and busy and full of hard work but you never disappoint when it comes to family time, new friendships and fresh starts.


You do have a very special place in our lifes but we also are glad when October rolls around. So here is to you dear October, may you be as golden as you’ve started and as laid back as you look on the calendar right now. You spoil us with two weeks off (fall break y’all!) and that to me puts you right up there on our favorites list. 🙂




P.S. I squeezed in some sewing in September…



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