Then and now – one year Germany

Things sure did change since we moved to Germany last summer. Not only things but we have also changed and grown this past year.  With the move, we have given up many conveniences and made plenty sacrifices but we would do it all over again in a heartbeat. One thing we wished we didn’t have to live without is having Butch with us permanently. Unfortunately, his job requires him to be in the US more than in Germany. But we are hopeful that our family will be complete again soon. Of course we also miss our friends from Cali & Texas dearly but are grateful for new friendships this past year. So here are the Mosbys then in the US and now in Germany:

image                                IMG_2868

Then: June 2014, Miami International Airport                        Now: June 2015, Hamburg – Germany

image                                image

Then: packing up our house in Allen, TX                                   Now: making a new home in Kiel photo 4 (1)                                                   IMG_2726

Then: Downtown Dallas                                                                Now: Kiel’s City Hall

image                            IMG_5460

Then: Daddy time 2014                                                               Now: Father’s Day 2015 kidsceremony                            IMG_3269

Then: Kid’s at school in Allen, TX                                            Now: Kid’s at school in Kiel

image                            P1060882

Then: Seda celebrating an undefeated season                       Now: Seda at school soccer competition

image                            IMG_5409

Then: Stella at playground in Allen, TX                                 Now: Stella swinging in Kiel

image                            IMG_5741

Then: Isaiah with his soccer buddies in TX                           Now: Holstein Kiel Youth Soccer

image                            IMG_0845 (1)

Then: Sewing machine with all the fancy buttons              Now: Antique sewing machine with table

image                             IMG_9338

Then: Starbucks Oprah Chai                                                      Now: Tea time from fine bone china! 🙂

photo (11)                            IMG_0872

Then: My sewing room studio in TX                                        Now: very compact sewing corner in the bedroom

image                           FullSizeRender (22)

Then: Floral summer skirt                                                        Now: Red, white & blue skirt

Never stop improving! So long friends.



4 thoughts on “Then and now – one year Germany

  1. Hey Yasemin !!!

    Long time no speak !

    We miss you guys, but can see you have all settled into European life really well 🙂

    Tegan is interested in doing a blog herself, please can you email me with some pointers for her.

    love to you all xx

    • Hi Natalie
      Good to hear from you. It’s been too long. I’d love to give Tegan some pointers. Let me make a list and links and I’ll forward to you. What a great idea! She’ll enjoy it very much. Miss you guys.


        • Natalie,
          I found lots of quick videos on youtube that say everything I would have told you as well. Check out this one: superficialgirl and search under how to start a blog. Don’t let the name bother you. 🙂

          First decision is weather you are going to use a free blogging site or host your own blog on your registered blog name. I am hosting my own under wordpress. It took me a day or two to get through their details but it was worth it. They also have a quick tutorial about how to use their site. It is all based on pre existing templates so no need to be a pro.

          I can’t wait to see what your big girl comes up with. What an exciting endeavor.


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