Happy Easter


Yet another first for us! First Easter in Germany. Oh, it’s just beautiful. Less snow and way less gift shopping than Christmas, more flowers, more light and just a little gift shopping / gift sewing! I find it really interesting that – unlike in the US – teachers in Germany don’t get any special attention around holidays from parents. At least flowers or chocolate :-).

I remember the frenzy & expense of purchasing or contributing to teacher’s gifts in the US – several times a year! I kinda miss that nice gesture so I decided to start a new tradition this holiday. But I wanted to have a little present for all 18 not just their classroom teachers. The whole school has been an incredibly welcoming and happy place for us. I am impressed by everyone’s dedication and really cool attitude there. The positive vibes contribute directly to my kid’s good school performance. So, to show my appreciation I made these cute fabric bunnies, whipped up some lavender-scented pillows and added store bought lollipops to the loot. The wooden heart hangers from my favorite tea shop added just the right pop of color to the basket of Easter goodies.

IMG_1138IMG_1139IMG_1137If you are looking for a quick Easter project to do with your kids give this a try!

First I experimented with the shape and size of the bunny I wanted. It had to be big enough to easily fill with polyfil and quick to sew around on my machine. Although this would be cute hand sewn as well. I decided on the shape below with fit onto a standard printer paper. I folded my fabric and placed paper ‘pattern’ onto it. Using a sharpie I traced my pattern. Then I cut through both pieces of fabric at once to save time. I was going for a natural look and opted for this half-linen from Ikea. You can use a printed cotton or if you prefer a stiffer result you can use a solid canvas.

FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (8)

I purchased the largest bag of fiberfill. It’s so fluffy & washable & light-weight! And doesn’t cost an arm & a leg 🙂


You can either stitch eyes, nose and whiskers on the front fabric before you join the two pieces or draw a face using fabric markers after you’ve sewn and stuffed your bunny. It’s fun for the older kids to ‘help’ with this project. As per my kid’s request I made some ‘bunny heads-only’ 🙂 . Less cutting, less stuffing and less sewing! Works for me!


Before you know it you’ll end up with a whole family of bunnies! Enjoy and happy Easter!



P.S. The finished bunnies are about 13″ tall.

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