February, 2015

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February, you short, cold, frozen month! But we survived and had fun too! Sledding, building tiny snowmen, and dressing up for Fasching! Glad March is here though and with it the promise of spring! And a short trip in the books come April! All very exciting!

Although this might have been the coldest winter I’ve experienced since I moved to the US 13 years ago, I do appreciate the light here in Germany. Already mid-March the sun rises at 6:30 am and sets at 6:30 pm! And the days are getting longer in huge leaps. Unlike the US, we haven’t ‘sprung’ forward yet. We are still on wintertime. We also haven’t been on spring break from school either. Spring forward, spring break, Easter, visit from daddy and a trip to Brussels – coming soon! Welcome spring! Looking forward to a nice time together.