January 2015


The year started of on the wrong note for me. Butch had to fly back to the US early January 2. After 6 weeks of family bliss it was hard to let him go. Just as soon as those many fireworks went of into the brisk night my mood went from happy, blissful, content to gloomy, dark & cold … Thankfully, I was distracted by the schedule renovation of Isaiah’s room. That got me busy and motivated again.


Once school started back on January 7th there was no time to sit around and mope. We quickly got back into our daily routine. Stella went back to her favorite Wednesday activity: dance class!


Isaiah had indoor soccer tournaments EVERY weekend!


Seda started guitar lessons.


Isaiah started playing the keyboard.


And I squeezed in some sewing here and there:


I also did some (Ikea) shopping while the kids were at school. Isaiah’s room is finally done!


He got to spend one whole week in there before he (happily) vacated it for my friend Jen who visited from Texas. Oh, how I love getting ready for company. The anticipation and the preparation for days leading up to the arrival are my favorite. And then just like that she arrived! No jetlag, no nothing! A real trooper! She didn’t miss a minute of her very short week stay in Kiel.


We picked up the kids from school together.

IMG_9093 We visited Hamburg together.


We celebrated my birthday together.


We went tea shopping together.


We had tea together.


and some more tea:


We also had coffee together.


We ate out together.


We ate in:


We went into every tea shop.


And of course we took selfies. Lots of selfies!


Dear Jen, thank you so much for making the long journey over the Atlantic  to spend time with us – away from your own. You are by far the easiest, most pleasant guest I’ve ever hosted in my house ever since I got married 13 years ago. Every day with you here was exceptional. XO

As if that wasn’t already enough of joy and good fortune in one month, my boy got invited to try out for Kiel’s best soccer club! We’d been waiting for this day all summer but there were no dates for try outs scheduled. Long story short, Isaiah joined Holstein Kiel on the spot! Little did I know how busy my life was really going to get NOW!!


Wow! Busy is no exaggeration but we are all very excited for Isaiah. He has to work really hard, practice OUTSIDE in below freezing temps but he is so excited & proud to wear those red, white & blue jerseys of Holstein Kiel.

And talking about freezing temperatures: January was full of winter’s beauty! We got just enough powder to get a good taste of what winter is supposed to be like. We haven’t had enough to bring out the sleighs yet but spending time outdoors has become interesting & fun again.


No matter what the weather, I hope you feel warm & loved. I am curious to see what else 2015 has in store for us!




P.S. February brings another VIP to Kiel! Stay tuned.