May in pictures

May meant packing for us! The shelves started emptying, the boxes started filling. But with school still in full swing and soccer season in session there was still a lot of non-moving things happening in the Mosby house.

My May Instagram looked liked this:

Field trip to the Perot Museum in Dallas chaperoning my son’s 3rd grade:

image image

My sweet girl finished a very successful and fun soccer season with her Darlin’ Daisies:

image image image Teacher Appreciation week:

image image

No matter how busy I am, play time with Stella always comes first:

image image

And a little break on Memorial Day yielded this family picture at the DMA and another one with only us girls:

image image

Of course the older kids still needed to play with friends & at sunset at the park:

image image

And then there was the daily countdown to Germany picture, of course: Days 30 through 11

image image image

image image

Now it’s time to get serious. With only nine days until departure there is still more work than time left!

Let’s go!


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