Packing & wondering

We’ve been burried in moving boxes and paperwork these last couple of days. We are in the homestretch of the biggest adventure of our lives – so far! Our dream of giving our three children a well-rounded life is taking one huge leap. We are bracing ourselves for a huge culture shock, a huge change of pace, or Tapetenwechsel like the Germans would say. It all happens in less than 20 days.

On day 30 we started a picture countdown on Facebook. We’ve kept it up and love reading all the comments and well wishes from our friends.


24 days to go: Eating at DQ for the first time. It’s Texas y’all!


At 23 days to go we are still playing soccer ALL WEEKEND!


Days until departure: 22! Stella is ‘helping’ decorate the chalk board! Thanks baby! ūüôā


21 days to go! Isaiah with his team – pure joy!


20 days to go and I realize moving in general but especially overseas ain’t no picnic! It’s A LOT OF WORK!!!

Duh! We are moving a family of five overseas!


(Must take: piles and piles of family pictures and photo albums!)

It all boils down to four categories: take on the plane, store & ship later, donate, and save for Andy! Andy, by the way, is an old high school friend of my husbands who, after living and working in China the last 10 years, decided to move to Dallas. He is moving into his new house in June which is perfectly timed with our move out date. All my precious possessions (my Rosenthal china, my samovar, closet organizers etc. etc.) will find a new home in his house. Great deal for him and less hassle for me to sell/donate/take every single dish, spoon or office supply! Win Рwin! Thanks Andy! Glad our paths have crossed this way. Perfect timing!

As for the boxes that we are storing first, they will have to patiently await their departure in a cozy little storage unit Here in North Texas. Once I’ve locked down our new place they will be shipped to our door after a nine- week journey on a boat! Sounds fun!

Originally this pile was much smaller – about 30 cubic feet which is the volume of 20 small moving boxes. Weight in this an international move didn’t matter. The mover that I am working with has a minimum of 100 cubic feet which is approx. three times of what I intended to move at first. Oh well, back to the drawing table to identify more things to take. I am not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Sometimes starting with as little as possible is pretty refreshing. On the other hand, I can always find some fabric that would take up the additional 70 cubic feet on a container headed overseas. :-)) I’m just sayin’. ūüôā like these pretties I just HAD to have last week.

image image

(To be honest, there are still 20 days of shopping opportunities ūüôā That container can fill up pretty quickly if I don’t stop myself.)

Today, as I was looking at the stacks of moving boxes everywhere, I started to imagine what life will be like for us in a few weeks? Where will we be home? When will we feel home? How will the kids like school in Germany? When will they start speaking German? So many things are going through my head. It is getting harder to relax and be in the moment. My mind wanders and wonders… so much to think about but also SO MUCH to look forward to!

See the map below? Kiel is right on the water – the Baltic Sea. Denmark is only hours away so is the North Sea in the west. I LOVE being by the water. I love boats! Kiel is the perfect mix of a quaint smaller city with access to nature as well as to nearby Hamburg. ¬†The air in this region – Schleswig Holstein- is crisp, clean. Perfect for raising a family! My mom will be at the most 15 minutes away! That alone is priceless! The walkability and bike-ability of this city would rank it in the top 10 of most desirable places to live in the world! The bi-weekly farmers markets in each neighborhood, the annual sailing event Kieler Woche… And so much more. Oh, the places we will go!


Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Kiel:

Kiel is the capital and most populous city in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, with a population of 242,041 (2011).

Kiel lies approximately 90 kilometres (56 mi) north of Hamburg. Due to its geographic location in the north of Germany, the southeast of the Jutlandpeninsula, and the southwestern shore of the Baltic Sea, Kiel has become one of the major maritime centres of Germany. For instance, the city is known for a variety of international sailing events, including the annual Kiel Week, which is the biggest sailing event in the world. The Olympic sailing competitions of the1936 and the 1972 Summer Olympics were held in Kiel.[2]

Kiel has also been one of the traditional homes of the¬†German Navy‘s¬†Balticfleet, and continues to be a major high-tech¬†shipbuilding¬†centre. Located in Kiel is the¬†Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences¬†(IFM-GEOMAR) at theUniversity of Kiel. Kiel is an important sea transport hub, thanks to its location at the¬†Kiel Fjord¬†(Kieler F√∂rde) and the busiest artificial waterway in the world,Kiel Canal¬†(Nord-Ostsee-Kanal). A number of passenger ferries to¬†Sweden,Norway,¬†Russia, and other countries operate from here. Moreover, today Kiel harbour is an important port of call for¬†cruise ships¬†touring the Baltic Sea.

In 2005 Kiel’s¬†GDP¬†per capita was¬†‚ā¨35,618, well above¬†Germany‘s national average, and 159% of the¬†European Union‘s average.[3]

Within Germany and parts of Europe, the city is known for its leading handballteam, THW Kiel. The city is home to the University of Kiel (established in 1665).

Seriously, what else could I possibly wish for? Come, visit sometime! We’d love to have you.



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