Picture Countdown

30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25,… And just like that the countdown to our move to Germany has begun and reached #25!! To make it fun for the kids and keep family & friends in the loop we have been taking pictures each day with this simple chalk board and posted the picture on Facebook.


 (Seda at Celebration Park in Allen.)


(Isaiah at home.)


(Stella at the park.)


(Isaiah took a break from soccer practice to practice writing the ‘7’ the German way.)


(Nemo at the water park in Allen.)


(All three kids in front of the Allen library.)

I think it will be so much fun to look back in a few months or years and remember these precious four final weeks we spent in Texas. Then the real adventure will commence but until then we are going to  stay present and savor each day.


Meanwhile instead of fabric, thread and needle the above combo has been my daily choice of tools: moving boxes, tape, black sharpie and scissors! I get a good hour or so in while baby naps. The rest of my day is filled with the usual family business. there is still lots to pack up, lots to give away, lots to clean out of closets… of course, it doesn’t help to have unexpected things come up such as a visit to Dallas City Hall. One phone call from the German Consulate and I found myself in the car with the baby to make that 60 mile round trip to downtown Dallas. 


Leave it to the meticulous German consulate to notice that my son’s birth certificate had Dallas County as city of birth on it. In order to issue him a passport they needed it to say: City of Dallas. What? Yep. They are delaying the whole process for that! With only three more weeks to go I am sure the passports won’t get to us before our departure. Oh well, I should know to expect the unexpected. Plus, the long form birth certificate that I never knew existed is super detailed. It has my son’s doctor, the hospital, his exact birth time etc. etc. on it. With three children it is helpful have those important stats on paper. Plus it is not required for my kids to have their German passports to leave the country. I just would have loved to have this paperwork out of the way before we arrived in Europe. My to-do list their is super long as it is. The more I can get done now the better.

And talking about my son and in the spirit of being in the present, we are excited to watch him play in soccer tournament – possibly his last handful of games here in the US. So far they are doing really well as a team. It is a beautiful thing to see your child do something with such skill & passion. Soon we will be playing ‘Fussball’. Until then soccer is the name of the game.


Let’s go Ayses!



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  1. Even if only for a visit, me and the Heartmelts will see you on the other side. That’s a promise! Love the blog and agree, you’re going to be so happy down the line that you created it. Now breeeeeathe – “city of Dallas”? That’s ludicrous! Haha

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