My sweet Seda turns into a fighter every time she steps foot on a soccer field. She never showed much interest in kicking the ball around outside of her weekly hour-long practice with her wonderful coaches and darling teammates but once that kick-off whistle goes off she seems to know just what to do. Not only is she eager to kick a goal or two or four but she also is a very strong defender. Faster than the wind she outruns the competition AND defends her goal successfully. My girl Seda. A princess and a gentle soul at heart she is a fierce athlete and strong player on the field.


She just finished playing her forth season! Last week her team the Darlin’ Daisies celebrated yet another undefeated season with pizza & ice cream.  We (the parents) had such a grand time on the sidelines cheering them on and hanging out with the other families we have known for almost two years now. It is such a bonding experience to have your child play on the same team week after week, season after season. We will miss them this fall when they all play together sporting their blue & pink jerseys and we look for a little group of girls to kick the ball around with all the way in Germany. Our daisies will play hard again and most likely lead in their age group. We will cheer them on from across the Atlantic.


Bye bye girls. Go and kick that ball.


The Mosbys



P.S. I got to sew up eight of these bags for the girl’s post-season party. It was a fun way to use up my Lisette daisy fabric and leave something for the girls to remember us by.

image image

 My sweet girl in her other jersey last fall. All smiles :-)!

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