february recap via instagram

Have you noticed too that a lot of people have migrated from Facebook to Instagram? Instagram is more personal and brief. Just the way I like it. No lengthy status updates, no news or other suggested pages I might like… instead pretty pictures with short captions that help me stay in touch with friends and a handful of or so other blogs that I enjoy following. Although the other day I ‘unfollowed’  two bloggers that were writing short story-like posts and posting several times a day! No, thank you! I wasn’t looking for another Facebook! Let’s keep it simple friends. Oh, by the way, you can find me as mosbyfamily on Instagram! 🙂 Here’s what I’ve posted there in February – an insta-recap if you will:

 The bargain of the month! I paid 50 cents for this gorgeous remnant at Wal-Mart! Score!!

photo 3-1

I turned it into this springy, rainbow skirt for my big girl!

photo 5-3

and still had left-over for a tiered skirt for my baby girl!

photo 2-2

We played lots of Basketball.

photo 3

And brought home the GOLD!

photo 1-1

This one has gotten all decked out for spring soccer.


We celebrated a dear friend’s daughters birthday with a signature Yasemin Tea skirt-set!

photo 5-1

I’ve started this quilt top for Stella (coral & cream pinwheels!).


Of course there was Valentine’s Day. And love was all around.


At home with sweet Stella. And…

val 6

…lots of love in the classroom.

I had a chance to spread my love for sewing by teaching Katy how to use a sewing machine!

photo 2

I think I am going to do this insta-recap-thing every month! Hope you enjoy,


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