And the winner is…


Here it is! The new YaseminTea look! Do you like it? I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! My absolute final edit was to change the color from aqua

photo 2 (3)

to coral! It’s so warm and inviting yet strong, wouldn’t you agree? This whole logo-thing is a full-time job let me tell you. I am grateful to my friends who helped finalize this look via Facebook. Now I am off to getting these printed on labels. So far I am shopping here but also am looking on Etsy for smaller shops. After all I only need a hundred or two…  This might take a while so bare with me. Until then I might just print them onto fabric transfers like I did here. We will see. Now excuse me while I go finish my daughter’s friends Valentine’s day skirts…

 photo (5)

and heart hangers for the boys in her class PLUS 20 additional felt heart hangers for my son’s classmates…

photo (6)


YaseminTea! 🙂

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