Hello 2014!

I am ready to get this year started! 2013 ended on a really high note. Looking back it might have been one of the best years of my life! It didn’t start off too well. We returned from our Holiday trip to Kentucky in ice & snow AND with the flu!!! All of us. Even the baby. We were all miserable. I hated that Stella, 3 months old then, had to go through it too. Needless to say that the first days of 2013 are a blur .

But everything got better and better as the year got into motion. I loved having had the opportunity to visit my family in Europe in June & July. Also, visiting Copenhagen while in Germany was so much fun. The kids started at their new school and loved it! Stella started eating solids, learned to walk, talk, climb, jump! All three children had beautiful birthday parties in September. Each party was different. Each was so special and unique to them. We reconnected with lots of friends here in Dallas and really made it a home after being here only a year.

On New Year’s Eve this year when we were going around the table and ‘rating’ 2013 we all chose one word that described the year for us the best. My word is SETTLE! 2013 was the year when things settled into place. I really felt like we finally settled into our house. The furniture was in the right place, pictures were hung, we entertained at several occasions, etc. etc.

Now I am excited to see what 2014 will bring. I call it the year of decisions. We have one big decision to make: Are we going to move to Germany this summer or not? You heard me right. MOVE. Not visit. After our last visit I returned home to feeling really empty but determined. I felt like I finally had discovered what I’ve been missing in my life. I wanted to give Germany a chance. This time with the family. What an experience that would be. That’s the reason why I started paying for private German lessons for them back in October. At the end of this month I will be sending applications to the International School in Hamburg and see if my kids would be accepted there for next fall. Oh boy! What did I get myself into? This year will be the year of decisions. One way or another. I really hope that it will have the overall peaceful and loving vibe of 2013. I hope that my babies & my hubby stay healthy.  I hope that I stay healthy so that I can enjoy every minute of 2014 with my loves. By the way, I just did the math: There are 50.400 minutes in a year! Wow! I am planning on staying present in 50.000 of them! Life is truly precious. It’s even more so with small children. They grow up in a blink of an eye. I hope that we will have many ‘slow’ days this year to enjoy each others company. Just like we did over the holidays. Lazy days in PJ’s. Why wait until Christmas to do that?

I hope that your year will be full of special moments with your loves.

Happy New Year!


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