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It’s been an interesting couple of weeks since Thanksgiving. First we had to cancel our long anticipated trip to California because of some bad weather on the road… And then we really got bad weather last weekend and were cooped up for 3 days with power outage and complete white out and all…

Even today, after two days of temps above 32 F for at least 6 hours a day there are traffic delays on highways, my drive way is still as slick as can be and makes parking in the garage super difficult … But the biggest upside to these change of plans is that I actually got a ton done at home! I mean A TON! Who said you had to hit the mall to do some Christmas shopping? I have everything in my studio, right here at home, surrounded by beautiful white roofs in our street and ever melting icicles on gutters, Christmas music in the background and enough water to make cups and cups of tea!

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It has been a dream. Not one dull moment indoors. This has got to be the perfect season to be cooped up. Much better than the annual obligatory summer months spent in air conditioned spaces. Having lived here in Texas the last two years I can sing a tune or two about that. Not much fun. You can’t open a window. No refreshing breeze, no break from the heat for almost 3 months straight!!!

I like this winter weather more and don’t mind parking my car, lighting the fire place & sipping on some chai for days … Granted you need electricity for that. We’ve never had a power outage in the summer. I can only immagine how miserable it would get indoors. But no power in freezing weather is no fun either. I know that from experience now. 🙂 So as long as we have power I am good to stay at home for days in the winter! Hibernating! Ahhhh… and rejuvenating from the stressful cross country move & the giving birth last year… Finally! Downtime! Momma needed that badly.

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The thing is though that I have been more productive in the last few days than ever. All my girlfriends’ gifts are made & shipped, some have already arrived at their destination. But I also got to make plenty gifts for my family. Especially my girls.

Starting with finally making the pattern for a circle skirt (following instructions by Dana from MADE).

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My first circle skirt ever was for Seda’s Red Riding Hood costume in October. For this polka dotted skirt I simple measured with a string tied to a pencil. Didn’t make a pattern for it. Just had no time then.

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Finally I taped 4 sheets of printer paper together, took Seda’s & Stella’s waist measurements and marked and cut my two patterns! Now, I can use it for many more skirts to come. All it needs it very slight modifications as the girls grow. Actually, I tend to make my pattern at least a size too large. Then I can make the finished skirt as small as possible especially around the waist. Stella’s mini-circle skirt turned out too big around the waistband. But that doesn’t bother me at all. She has the diaper bum holding everything up still :-). I will keep this pattern for the future skirt and make a slightly smaller one that she can wear right now. It’s so easy. That’s future work done today!

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For Seda’s circle skirt I used this corduroy that I had in my stash from the spring and highlighted the hem with this store bought bias tape. Boy, these circle skirts have huge circumferences which makes them perfect for twirling of course but they use up A LOT of bias tape!! It goes around and around forever!

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For Stella’s first circle skirt ever I used this fabric I purchased in Germany in the summer. It was kind of pricey so I only purchased half a meter which is almost 20 inches. I figured since my girls are still small I’ll be able to make something cute from it. I had no idea I could make 2 cute things from half a meter! Yeah! Money well spent! Love that. Stella got a holiday circle skirt and Seda get a slightly A-line skirt with a pocket! She loves her details that girl.

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I’d been looking forward to using this beautiful, woven fabric for a while now. I especially love that the roses look like antique embroideries. The fabric is warm & festive and ideal for this time of year. I can’t wait for the two girls to wear them on Christmas. First, Seda gets to wear hers to her Holiday party at school on the last day of school this year! This reminds me:  There are only 9 days left until winter break! And only one Monday in 2013 at school! Where did this year go! After losing two days of school due to ice the kids finally went back to school yesterday. All wrapped up like burritos they went on their way. With an empty house after five days of family time I finally had a chance to start wrapping presents.

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Oh, that was so much fun. Especially, with the baby fast asleep at 10:30 am! Wrapping presents is therapeutical. Perfect to slowly get into gear for the week and finish the year strong! Another bonus: All is wrapped up & one less thing on my to-do list this season. A few more things are still due to arrive on our door step any day now but other than that the majority is done. Now we can admire on our mantel for 2 more weeks. No tree for us this year. I already know that with the baby it is bound to be a disaster. She’ll step on the boxes, tear the paper (eat it!!!), take them to other rooms! throw them in the bathtub (which is my favorite – not!) etc. etc.

Talking about my miscevious 15 months old baby: She got to experience the joy of snow & ice yesterday too! I hadn’t taken her out yet. It was just too slick plus she didn’t have any boots. Thanks Old Navy for taking care of that! So yesterday when the older kids came back from school I took them to the park. We skipped German tutoring. I wanted the kids to enjoy this left-over ice & snow for another day. They didn’t get any recess at school which is sad. I wished they’d let the kids go out at pretty much any weather. I remember that recess was the best part of school – in the rain and in the snow, too. Just running around … Getting all dirty and muddy, and wet …

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Seeing the baby’s delight with new strange thing covering all the grass was priceless. I also loved that little Rudolph-red-nose that she’s got immediately. As usual, she thought she could manage walking on ice by herself. She didn’t want me to hold her hand.  It was so nice to see the kids all just play on patches of ice. No balls, no play structure, no instructions … Just slip & slide and fall and giggle. That’s how I grew up with my 3 siblings. Outdoors no matter what! Bliss!

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Anyway, I better get off the computer and keep making – things. It truly is one of the greatest joys of my life!

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What have you made for Christmas?



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