Winter Wonderland!

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Today is Friday. A school day. But with all the bad weather coming into the region last night, the school district cancelled classes today. Wise decision! It was nice to get the closure notice before we went to bed last night. I didn’t want to have to set my alarm just to find out that I could go right back to bed this morning.

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Last night, I couldn’t have even imagined how serious this storm would be. It wasn’t just freezing rain & snow as forecasted but a POWER OUTAGE!!! This time it hit only our neighborhood. Other parts of our little town weren’t affected. (Later on other parts of Dallas were affected as well :-() According to my little girl it was 2 am when we lost power. She knows because she has a night light in her room and if that thing goes out she has a free ride straight to our bed!! My poor hubby got a little crowded in the bed and slept laid on the couch instead. I was sure all would be back to normal by 7 am when everyone naturally awakens around here. But no. We weren’t that lucky. It took until 10:40 am this morning to restore power to our neighborhood.


Boy, was I grouchy. No heat, no tea or any other form of caffeine, warm breakfast, light, etc. Kids were not too happy either. Their precious extra TV time that they would usually get on a day like today was cut. I am sure a grouchy mother was not much fun either. I had no idea how this power outage would effect our mood. The gas fireplace worked so we weren’t too cold. At least not right in front of it. But with outside temps in the 20’s it was COLD! I had been looking forward to a cozy day with the kids since last night. But without tea!!, hot chocolate, toast!! it’s not cozy…

My husband was upbeat as always. He showered with whatever hot water was left and thought he was going to head to Starbucks to get some breakfast. I just laughed. No way he was going to get his little bug free of inches and inches of ice… Yep! I was right. No such luck. Actually by the time he deiced his car the power came back on.

Then, energized by a hot cup of tea, he went on his merry way. Got some work done at Starbucks, had a hot breakfast and came back home by 2 pm. Only because the Starbucks employees kicked him out. All stores in the neighborhood closed early today. Thank goodness he made it back home safe & sound. Oh, and thank you Starbucks for the free pumpkin loaf. Since they were closing early they sent some home with my husband :-). So sweet. Tomorrow the forecast is actually looking even worse. We shall see what happens overnight. As long as we have power I am ok with that and at this time I like to take a moment to thank the power line men who fixed whatever was broken. I gotta say I never appreciated their jobs like today. Thank you for working on the coldest days of the year.




Now back to today’s sewing project:

With the power back on and nothing else to do I dedicated the afternoon to making a birthday gift for one of Seda’s friends. Unlike the many Christmas gifts I am sewing up in my studio this month I can post about this one. Sometimes I forget there are many birthday’s to celebrate before December 25th…

This little birthday girl is turning 6. She has an American Girl doll which makes it easy for me to sew for ’cause I just love making things for those dolls. Tomorrow they are planning on going to see the movie ‘Frozen’ together … only if it is not still FROZEN here at home of course :-).

I chose these fabrics:

photo 4 (8)

I used my super duper 6.5″ square quilting ruler and cut out 9 squares of three different fabrics. I think she is going to like it. I love how this one turned out. I was determined not to use Disney character fabrics although her family loves Disney with a passion. It would have been too predictable. But I didn’t want to go the pink & purple route either. Too typical girly. Instead I chose coral combined with these playful prints.

photo 3 (11)


The polka dots are my favorite. If I remember correctly from the selvage it’s organic cotton! Bam! It checks all the boxes. A perfect blanket for a little doll in frosty December. I am so excited about the binding. I hand stitched it. I could have just used store bought inexpensive bias tape. It would have been faster but I love making these gifts thinking that this girl might actually keep this one and hand it down maybe? I know I know. I am reaching here… But a girl’s gotta dream right?

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The best part about this project? I used fabric that I had at home, made the binding myself, used batting & backing, elastic and ribbon for the skirt … all from my stash. I didn’t have to go to the store for this present at all. I feel like this is the kind of gift that deserves the HANDMADE WITH LOVE stamp ribbon!

photo (15)

photo 3 (15)

photo 5 (7)

Happy Birthday Megan!

And since it was so much fun to make a tiny pillow to match the quilt I went ahead and made one for my little girl as well. Now she can play dolls with her friend with quilt & pillow and all!

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Before I forget, here’s one more upside to this ice storm: Tomorrow’s back-to-back basketball games early in the morning are cancelled!!!!! Don’t tell the boys I am excited about this but I really really am! 🙂 It will be much more fun to make up these games when we are back in the upper 60’s. I’m just sayin’. It’s Texas. You never put away your flip-flops ’cause you never know. One day it storms the next day you are back to sweatin’.

Talking about tomorrow’s plans: We were invited to a friend’s house for dinner. We’ve been looking forward to this for weeks. It looks like it’s going to be too dangerous to drive though… We’ll decide in the morning.

This is what I’ve sewn up for our hostess:

photo 3 (14) photo 4 (7)

I think I am going to have to make one for myself as well. I love the size and how it lays flat unlike my stand up pretty pouches.

Either way, I am happy to have today off, no games tomorrow & enough food & craft supplies to make it through the weekend. My only prayer: Please power please stay ON! It sucks to be cold! There I said it! I am spoiled that way.

Stay warm people.


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