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It’s been 2 weeks since my last post. Some days I have so much to write about and nothing new to make. Some days I have so much to make and not enough time to write about it. Sometimes it’s like that.

In a moment of insanity my husband and I decided to spend Thanksgiving with friends in Southern California. That decision led to two weeks of planning, organizing and lots and lots of last-minute sewing for me. My goal was to have all Christmas gifts ready to mail overseas. Very ambitious goal given that I only have 2 free hours in the morning each day during baby’s nap to be productive in any way.

Our plan was to leave town on Friday just as soon as the kid’s were done with their holiday performances at school. We would check them out early and drive to California via Amarillo, Flagstaff and whatever lays en route. This would take us 2 days with one night stay in a hotel. Once in California, we would spend 3 days visiting with all our friends and then spend Thanksgiving day with dear friends in San Diego just like in years past. Well, we never left. Just as we were supposed to hit the road a winter storm was appoaching Texas. Temps were already below 20 in Amarillo – our first stop. It started raining and was so cold here at home on Friday that as we headed to the kid’s school to watch them perform ‘Where the wild things are’ we could tell that it was going to start freezing pretty soon. We literally got cold feet and decided right then and there that Thanksgiving at the beach wasn’t going to happen this year 🙁 With three smallish children every extra hour spend on the road is torture for everyone. We didn’t need to drive into a storm …

We looked at the bright side of this unexpected change of plans and started looking forward to some downtime. My husband had taken the whole week off. This was going to be a nice change of pace for us. No driving, no sleeping in hotels, no eating yucky food on the road, just us in our cozy home. So instead of filling up the gas tank quickly filled the fridge with groceries for the week and braced ourselves for the storm to come… We had enough electronic entertainment, books, craft supplies, etc. etc. Well, first day came and went, then another day and finally on the third day we decided we had enough of being cozy and bundled up and did this instead:

  • We went Christmas tree hopping which provided many family photo opportunities!

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  • My little girl and I did some sewing & finishing up projects! She had started this little quilt for her doll Ciara weeks ago. She did such an amazing job cutting the 9 squares from coordinating fabric. She pieced them together. I just sewed the binding. And just like that her little American Girl Doll has a new blanket!

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  • We decided to spend one day in Austin! We visited the Capitol, ate some yummy food and drove back home the same day.

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  • I put the finishing touches on the DOZEN or so pouches that I sewed for my girl friends in California.

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  • I also got to mail my international holiday gifts before December 1! So excited that everyone will receive their mail way before Christmas this year!!

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  • I did LOTS of crocheting – while watching TV, in the car on our 4 hour drive to Austin and back! That’s almost 8 hours of crocheting in ONE DAY! Yay for crochet! Such a mobile, easy & fun craft to do on the road!


  • I finally started working on the ‘Love’ art that’s intended for the wall behind our bed. This rich gray felt is so pretty and I finally get to use up some of my scrap felt pieces for the letters and bunting! Super easy & fun to make.

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  • I did some fabric shopping.

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  • Found the prettiest Washi tape at JoAnn’s!

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  • I quickly made 2 more pouches. One for our generous Thanksgiving hostess & one for her daughter. Oops, I didn’t remember to take pictures of these 🙁

Overall, this week was exactly what we all needed. Super cozy & lazy times spent in front of the fire place, reading, crafting, napping… followed by leisurely walks in crisp winter air! I can get used to this.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. Now on to the next one.

Stay cozy,


P.S. Girls, I hope you like your pouches :-)!

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