Hello November

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Halloween 2013 is a wrap!

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 Candy is stowed away.

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Pumpkins are removed from the porch, little ghosts are cut off the tree …

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Now I can focus on the coziest season of the year! Since I’ll be making a lot of the gifts by hand this year I’ll have to get started on Monday. My goal is to have the international gifts shipped by Mid November! I hope that’s not too ambitious. In previous years I’ve waited (involuntarily) until December but not only were the lines at the post office unbearable but I also cut it close with delivery times to Germany. My little nephews are always so excited to receive international mail that I can’t deprive them of that. The sooner the better…

By December I’ll have to have our new advent calendar up & filled with goodies, I have to make a second spring cleaning!! of the house. The month of December is for sure the busiest month for entertaining and after Halloween cob webs just don’t look good anymore.

Today I got a head start and made a list – a first step in every Mosby project. My trusty list:


  • Clean out all Halloween clutter, costumes, candy etc.
  • Sweep porch
  • Wipes floors indoors & dust
  • Purchase & wrap gift for Isaiah’s friend’s birthday tomorrow

This weekend:

  • Finish homework for quilt class
  • Clean laundry room (I am dreading this one!)

Next week:

  • Send mom a birthday card!!!!
  • Put summer shoes away, bring out boots
  • Make 10 more pouches!
  • Sew nephews gifts and find perfect sturdy box
  • Schedule hair appointment for Seda & me for next week

Before end of month:

  • Make cute holiday cards
  • Spray-paint 25 clothes pins for the advent calendar
  • Cut 25 pieces of Christmas fabric into squares
  • Start photo book before the holidays!
  • Order woven labels for the pouches I am making
  • Cut a circle skirt from corduroy for the girls!

Just putting it all down on paper helps me prioritize & focus better. Now it’s off to soccer practice for one and a make-up game for the other for us. Looks like we’ll be eating out tonight. Oh well. Not a bad day after all. 🙂

Hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Yes, baby will be dressed up next year too! I promise!! This year she was simply “The cutest baby on the block!” 🙂

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