Happy Halloween

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This has been one heck of a week! My routine was completely thrown off since last Friday. Yes, Friday was a great day for our family. I loved every minute of it. But there was no time to catch up on paperwork, cleaning, sewing, blogging etc.

First off, we had to ALL be up and ready to leave the house by 7:30 am to be at the kid’s school for a very special ceremony. That was a challenge on its own!

Both kids got awarded ‘Star Student’ for their great overall attitude & behavior. Butch and I couldn’t have been happier.


 Afterwards it was hard for me to get back in the groove of things at home. We still had a long afternoon and a very special dinner planned for the kids… Another late night!

Saturday was a typical day on the soccer field. Both kids had games, both kids won their games & the weather was absolutely gorgeous. That evening we had a birthday dinner at a friend’s house with kids and all… It was super nice to have some great food & conversation but of course by the time we got home everyone was EXHAUSTED!! No sleeping in on Sunday either. Kids had early birthday parties to attend. I had to finish doing stuff around the house, feed everyone and jet off to my second quilting class!!! That was a nice 3 hour break – ahhhhh. Finally we started piecing! I made some ‘piano keys’ & ‘bricks’ :-).

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And just like that the weekend was over and Monday was here with a bang! Butch had to be on a plane bright & early, kids had ‘ribbon day’ every single day of the week which meant bring money in to donate to that day’s fundraiser & dress up in the given theme such as cool shades, partner look, crazy hair, story book character etc. etc. Boy, could they have picked a worse week. With the hubby out of town on business, Halloween costumes to finish off, soccer practices & games, German lessons, my third grader had to dress as a pioneer on Friday! This meant a whole new costume to make for me. I hadn’t even started the hoodie transformation yet.

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(My mission: Turn a black hoodie into a Big Bad Wolf! I found a great tutorial here. Thanks Ellie!)

But since I found the idea of sewing ‘boy’s clothes’ so intriguing (usually it’s the girls that benefit from this mom & her sewing machine) I stopped everything else to research this Pioneer look. With pioneer look I mean piles and piles of laundry to fold away, stacks and stacks of papers to go through and file off … I think you get the idea. 🙂

During my research I found this picture on Etsy and got to work. I was actually surprised at how easy this look came together. Even my boy liked it which made me extra excited.

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Today though, finally with daddy back in town!! 🙂 things are looking much better & calmer. Kids were very quick to dress into their costumes bright  & early. I loved how they were in character immediately. Now they are off to school. Hubby is at work. Baby took an early nap 🙂 and I can enjoy this chai while I am in my sunny studio typing away. Ahhhhh. Exhale. I am bracing myself for a sugar overload this evening and another busy & long day tomorrow. Isaiah has a very important end of season game scheduled that his team absolutely has to win to advance to the play-offs. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this hard-working boy.

One thing that got neglected this week is my first homework from quilt class. We are half way through the session and I am still cutting. Oh boy. What a long & meticulous process quilt making is! The book is not really helpful without my patient teacher by my side.


Oh well. Let’s get to it.

Hope you are making something fun today and I hope you have a safe & happy Halloween!



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P.S. This is what Isaiah looked like as a pioneer.

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