Update – on a few things

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Progress in learning German! I have written about how my children started learning German with a tutor here. Well, they’ve only had their third lesson and I have to say WOW! what a huge leap they have made! Not only the comprehension but their interest in wanting to learn and the eagerness with which they complete their little homework is just so exciting to me. Now, my crazy idea of wanting to move the family overseas and put them in local schools doesn’t sound so crazy after all! Their language skills & their adaptability has always been my top priority. In fact, it has caused a lot of hesitation and procrastination on my part. Seeing how it all shapes up now I am motivated! Progress!

(On a side note: Someone is determined to remove (by that I mean STEAL) things from the tutor’s front porch. Last week it was little rain boots yesterday this little pumpkin… I think that’s her revenge for not being allowed inside :-).



Another thing that is really motivating me is the way my blog is taking shape. It’s been almost 8 weeks since I started yasemintea.com. I have had a chance to post 22 times! I uploaded 248 photos! I’ve created a facebook page & a twitter account. I’ve tweeted than 50 times! Progress, progress, progress!

On Tuesday, I had a meeting with a designer-friend who is going to help me with my logo. I need this logo especially because I’d like to have some clothing labels printed by end of 2013 … A lot of effort goes into making clothes for my children and little gifts for my friends & family. Having a little ‘yasemin tea’ stamp on them would be the icing on the cake for me. A little progress – more to come soon!

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Oh, one more thing that is making strides is my crochet stroller blanket (29″!!). Talk about progress. This one is growing like a weed! I am super motivated by how easy and fun it is to add a row here and there!  I’m 80% done! Adding the tassels at the end is something I am looking forward to the most! Also, I am already looking into the next crochet blanket and have pinned so many cute things on my crochet board on Pinterest! An afghan would be so nice for the living room. The whole family could enjoy it.


Talking about the whole family: I have started my quilt class.

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This is one that involves the whole family because it is the first time I am leaving my hubby with all three kids for over three hours at a time! But the finished product is intended for the beloved corner sofa! 🙂

This class is officially called: Basics of Piecing 101. (I’ll write more about it in detail later!) Last Sunday, I spent 3 hours hunched over a work table at my local quilt shop measuring, aligning, cutting, repeat… Again, progress! I came home with (not one stitched sewn) but a bag full of zip log baggies with the different pieces cut & labeled for next week. Oh, I am so excited. We are going to start sewing then! More progress!

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I think that’s about it on my end of making progress here at home. I love progress! Don’t you?




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