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These instructions were a long time coming … It’s one thing to make these pretty pouches but to actually write down each step so that someone else can make one too? That’s a whole ‘nother story… Take it from me, it much harder to write the instructions than it is to actually make one of these cute little things. Oh, let’s not forget the picture taking!!! At some point I forgot I was documenting this process and kept sewing. That’s why you’ll see a different pouch in one of the pictures – ahem … I promise I’ll do better next time. Until then, enjoy!

I cut out one rectangle (9″ x 13 “) from my outer fabric (woodland mushrooms) & one from my lining fabric (polka dots).

I also cut out one batting piece in the same size which I ironed on the back of my outer fabric.  The batting makes the pouch really nice and padded & sturdy!

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OPTIONAL STEP: I added 3 special details to my pouch although it really looks cute plain, too. I wanted Princess En to be able to get a good grip on the zipper. A tassel is perfect for that! I learned to make a tassel in one of my online Creativebug classes. So easy and fun! (I’ll prepare a tutorial for that as well – soon!) I sewed on a red ribbon onto front side of the outer fabric & added a tiny piece of ribbon with a crown and a heart on it onto the side. That makes it look so official! 🙂 Can you see it on the right side?

Oh, and I used a 9″ standard zipper – in hot pink, of course!

(1)    Once you cut out your fabric pieces & batting, go ahead and iron on batting to the left side of outer fabric.

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(2)   Place (outer) fabric right side up onto work surface, open zipper and place right sides together onto your fabric. Now, place lining fabric (mine is the polka dot) on top of the zipper & pin! You are creating a sandwich here with zipper in between!

(3)   Use a zipper foot (optional) to sew the zipper in place (I used my regular foot. Just works better for me…). Then you’ll pin and sew the second side the same way.


(4)   Pin the rights sides of your outer fabric together and sew along the sides and the bottom. Remember to keep your zipper unzipped so you can turn the pouch later.

(5)  This step is the hardest for me to put into words. Luckily it’s not hard to do and adds so much body to the pouch but to explain it I find quite hard. I took these pictures… Do they make sense?  What we are doing here is creating this nice bottom for the pouch to stand on. This is completely up to you. I just love the body it gives to the pouch. Pinch the corners of the outer fabric together so that you can sew a line at a right angle (at about 1.5”) off. You’ll cut off these ‘peaks’ you have created. And, no need to do this on the lining!

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(6)  Now, it’s time to sew the lining. You are pretty much doing the same as in step before except for: You’ll need to leave a small opening along the bottom (about 2.5”). This is where we will turn the pouch right sides out when are done. The opening can be slipstitched or simple top stitched with coordinating thread afterwards. No big deal since it’s on the inside of the pouch anyway.

Tip: If you’d like to decorate your outer fabric with trim you can do so after you sewed the zipper in place (after step 3). That’ll give you a better measurement on where you’d like your trim to be exactly.

Oh, I really hope that this instruction makes sense to you. This project is so much fun to sew and super useful too! Once you make one I am sure you’ll want to make several more. They make the PERFECT! gift!

I gave this one to my friend Elizabeth who is working on a logo for me.

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I made this one for my friend Laurie – a perfect birthday gift!

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This fabric by Oliver + S reminded me of my friend Alev so I made her one too!

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One for mini-me, of course!!

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And this one is all MINE! 🙂

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